Duclo, Tinker

Tinker Duclo, Adjunct Professor of Sustainability Studies

Tinker DulcoEducation

  • Masters of Humanities (Philosophy, Literature and History), University of Colorado-Denver
  • Bachelors of Arts, Psychology and Biology, University of Colorado-Boulder

Sustainability Studies Courses

  • SUS 321, Leadership, Ethics, and Social Responsibility
  • SUS 324, Colorado in Literature

Margaret Mead’s proverbial “small group of thoughtful, committed citizens” can still change the world. The individuals involved in Colorado Mountain College’s Sustainability Studies program form a core of such a group. It’s an exciting time.

I recognize the necessity for sustainability, both at personal and planetary levels. In my own life, I am acutely aware of ever-present tensions and dichotomies: I celebrate the river waters as I float along in my kayak; meanwhile, African lakes dry up and disappear. Colossal waves and storms destroy families and homes, and I fret as my backyard garden withers in a drought. I grimace as I see more drill rigs puncture the ground, but also know that natural gas powers my home furnace. I rejoice in the clean mountain or desert air filling my lungs as I explore, as air pollution takes thousands of lives each year in Asia.

Our era offers unprecedented opportunities to connect with events and people on the other side of the world, yet much is to be gained in tending to the tiny ecosystems of our backyard gardens. We live in extraordinary times, and CMC’s Sustainability Studies program offers a collaborative venue in which to probe and determine present and future courses of action, policies, and philosophies.

Finally, being a mom also powerfully influences my worldview; I recognize that amidst much messiness, humans hold the capacity for spectacular brilliance and beauty.

I hold hope.

Contact Information:

Location: Rifle and Glenwood Springs Campuses

Email: tduclo@coloradomtn.edu