Westlake, Jimmy

Jimmy Westlake

jimmy-westlake-vertProfessor Physical Science

Education: M.S. Astronomy, Louisiana State University; B.S., Astronomy and Physics, Valdosta State University; BS, Psychology, University of Alaska Anchorage; 15 years instructor and director of Rollins Planetarium at Young Harris College; award winning astro-photographer.


Astronomy 101 (Intro to Astronomy I)
Astronomy 102 (Intro to Astronomy II)
Astronomy 101 (TeleWeb Intro to Astronomy I)
Astronomy 102 (TeleWeb Intro to Astronomy II)
Physics 105 (Conceptual Physics)
Physics 111 (Algebra Based I)
Physics 112 (Algebra Based II)
Physics 211 (Calculus Based I)
Physics 212 (Calculus Based II)
Chemistry 101 (TeleWeb Intro to Chemistry I)

Campus Activities: Advisor of the Sky Club