Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

Wilderness First Responder, Fall 2017

Colorado Mountain College WFR and BLS Certification Exceeds minimum standards for WMI, WMA, and WMS

Wilderness First Responder / HWE-129-BK01 / SYN# 05140 / 4 Credits
Online,  August 14 – 30
Hands-on Skills Session, Loma, CO, August 31 – September 4, 2017
80 hours

Want to be a WFR? Need wilderness medical certification for your job as a guide, and outdoor educator or your personal habits of getting outside as often as possible? Want a unique wilderness medicine experience taught by instructors with 2 decades of practical experience?

Wilderness First Responder & American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Professional Rescuers

Course Description

Join CMC’s Wilderness EMS staff as they offer another intensive Wilderness First Responder in the amazing desert environment near Fruita, CO. This course begins with an intensive 30-hour online component that introduces students to the didactic portion of Wilderness Medicine – from medical, to trauma, to wilderness protocols, to communication and evacuation.

Students must complete the course modules on CMC’s Canvas platform during the spring semester prior to the skills week with a passing score of 80% or better – multiple repeats in the modules are allowed to offer students the opportunity to truly learn the material and get it right prior to the field component of the course. Students will also be expected to complete and pass American Heart Association (AHA) BLS for Professional Rescuers Online Portion (with associated $22 additional fee) on their own.

Upon successful completion of the online component and the AHA online component, students meet their instructors at the outside venue in the desert environment. Thursday, August 31, we begin the 5 day intensive skills-based portion of the wilderness first responder certification.

Students blend their learning from the online portion of the class, and are taught to apply the knowledge to an intensive hands-on practice of skills that range from CPR, rescue breathing, and AED use; to wilderness pharmacology and drug administration; to improvised splinting; to wound cleansing, dressing and prolonged care; to extrication techniques, to hypothermia packaging; and much, much more!

Why the Colorado Mountain College WFR program and not another?

The CMC Wilderness First Responder Certification remains the standard for individuals who seek an introductory course to specialist-level wilderness medical training and rescue. The CMC WFR was developed by professional wilderness rescuers over the course of many years.

Our instructors have worked in positions ranging from Search and Rescue agencies, to Outward Bound and NOLS programs, to international Class V river outfitters, to climbing and mountain biking guide services, to expeditionary kayak expeditions, and more. In order to be considered to instruct for CMC, instructors are also required to have worked jobs on ambulance services, medical clinics and hospitals, or helicopter-based ambulatory services.

We provide the most updated, realistic, hands-on training in wilderness medicine that you can get for careers in wilderness medicine or rescue. CMC’s WFR course always has its finger on the pulse of wilderness medicine and is proud to up the student experience by offering:

  • WFR courses taught by professional wilderness search and rescue EMT’s/paramedics who are actively working in the field as wilderness medics and rescuers.
  • The CMC WFR course provides you with instruction and certification in American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) for Professional Rescuers.
  • The most updated wilderness medicine protocols by WMS, PHTLS & AHA.
  • Extensive online supportive material with hundreds of videos, research papers and other wilderness medicine resources.
  • Top-notch industry standard medical kits, specialty wilderness medicine tools and technical evacuation equipment that is used by the pros.
  • High fidelity manikins for realistic scenarios.
  • At $289 (in-district rate – Tuition and Costs for other rates,) the most affordable Wilderness First Responder anywhere!

Venues (one for course activities and one for camping, if needed)

Course WFR Activities: Highline State Park

  • We will hold class for the skills portion of the course on the grounds at the group camp area of the Highline State Park, Thursday – Monday, Aug 31-Sept 4, from 8 a.m.-5:20 p.m.

Dates, Times and Transportation

The online portion of the course is August 14 – August 30. You must complete all of the modules with an 80% or better score in order to be able to continue the field portion of the course. You will also be expected to complete AHA BLS for Professional Rescuers online portion.

The field portion of the course will be held August 31 – September 4 from 8 am-5:20 pm per the venues listed above. Students will have the evenings free to explore the local area, and camping is provided at the Highline State Park Group Campsite. Transportation is not provided by CMC for this course.


CMC will provide the common area or shelter with basic daily supplies, including water jugs for the students to use. This will include ice coolers, water containers, & sun shelters. Students will have to supply their own food and camping equipment for the entire course. A recommended supply list will be posted on CMC’s online learning platform, Canvas, during the spring semester.

Certification Details

  • WFR certification valid for 2 years (with a one-year grace period) will be awarded upon successful course completion. American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Professional Rescuers valid for 2 years. Course exceeds the Wilderness Medical Society’s Guidelines. No prior experience or training or prerequisites are required.


  • Includes wilderness medicine field guide.
  • Includes camping fees & permit/venue fees
  • Includes certification fees & certification cards
  • Skills and Testing Portion of AHA Basic Life Support for Professional Rescuers (this is an upgraded CPR course)


  • CMC does not provide transportation.
  • You will be expected to pay for and complete American Heart Association BLS for Professional Rescuers online portion on your own. The cost of this is $22.
  • You must purchase Buck Tilton’s Wilderness First Responder text on your own. The book is available on the CMC Book Store, and at retailers online.

How to Enroll

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Current and newly accepted students may register for Wilderness First Responder, HWE-129-BK01, SYN# 05140.
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More Information

For information or concerns about the upcoming WFR, please contact:

Brian Taylor BS, NREMT-P
Associate Professor of EMS and Wilderness EMS

Jeremy Deem, M.A., Wilderness-EMT IV
Wilderness-EMS and Outdoor Education Faculty