Aspen campus.

Colorado Mountain College in Aspen

photo - Chemistry class in Aspen.
photo - Martial arts class in Aspen.
photo - Aspen faculty member teaching.
photo - Aspen student studies in a computer lab.
photo -- Group of staff members on the Aspen campus.
photo - Spanish class in Aspen.
photo - Guitar class in Aspen.
photo - Weights Class in Aspen.
photo - Faculty member teaching a class in Aspen.
photo - Sculping class in Aspen.
photo - EMT class in Aspen.
Photo - Business Administration Class in Aspen.
Photo - Graduated student of Aspen.

Colorado Mountain College in Aspen

Choose from personal enrichment, transfer-level, workforce and career classes, serving the Aspen and Basalt communities

The Aspen campus offers classes in computer labs, “smart rooms,” a science lab, fitness studio, gallery and art studios/labs. It is also home to world-renowned Aspen Santa Fe Ballet.

This community campus serves traditional and non-traditional students. CMC in Aspen houses a full-time counselor and adjunct and full-time faculty. We also offer a variety of degree and certificate programs. The campus does not provide residential facilities.

Our instructional programs are excellent. Surrounded by unique recreational opportunities such as the Aspen/Snowmass Resort, the Aspen campus is an exceptional place to learn.

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