Colorado Mountain College AQIP Action Projects

Colorado Mountain College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. In its quest to become a Learning College, CMC has chosen the Higher Learning Commission's alternative accreditation through the AQIP pathway (the Academic Quality Improvement Program). Read an overview of CMC and its Statement of Accreditation Status from the HLC.

AQIP encourages higher education institutions to not only remain healthy, but also to continuously improve upon their organizational health. AQIP defines six major categories that serve as a framework for colleges and universities to identify areas for improvement. Learn more about the AQIP categories.

With this categorical framework, AQIP requires that we ask ourselves and our constituents how we're doing, how we can improve, and what projects we can complete to achieve our goals. We have established Action Projects that address areas needing the most improvement, and each is reflected in our College-Wide Strategic Plan. Our projects are (please click any of them to view the project's full update):

See the status of our current 2017 Action Project Status (xlsx)

Past AQIP Action Projects

View or download past project files below.