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Rocky Mountain Land Management Internship: Launch a Career with the U.S. Forest Service

Students work part-time with the USFS while earning a degree in Sustainability Studies

Paid interns gain hands-on experience in sustainable land management through part-time employment with the U.S. Forest Service, while pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies and/or a Certificate of Completion in Public Lands Stewardship.

CMC's partnership with the USFS is the only one of its kind in the nation.

Join the inaugural class in this first-of-its kind, two-year paid internship program developed by Colorado Mountain College and the U.S. Forest Service. Upon completion, you’ll have the competitive advantage of being an existing federal employee when applying for full-time jobs with the Forest Service or other federal land management agencies!

The Rocky Mountain Land Management Internship program is a rigorous field-based internship co-developed by CMC faculty and Forest Service to train the next generation of land managers, natural and social resource specialists, and forest rangers. And provide a pathway to employment.


Awarded for Innovation

The USDA/U.S. Forest Service awarded the RMLMI Program the Regional Forester’s Honor Award.

Work and study in the heart of Colorado’s national forests

Participants can base their internships at CMC’s Steamboat Springs or Roaring Fork campuses. Both locations provide access to exceptional CMC faculty and Forest Service co-mentors, transformative courses in sustainability studies, and unparalleled access to Colorado’s montane ecosystems.

Working side-by-side with CMC faculty and Forest Service rangers, interns will participate in an intensive field-based learning and research experience in forest and grassland management. Work opportunities will range from:

  • Planning and monitoring ski area projects and operations
  • Recreation management
  • Providing environmental education
  • Promoting awareness of public lands

Who should Apply?

The Rocky Mountain Land Management Internship program is ideal for highly motivated individuals who are passionate about the conservation, stewardship, and sustainable use of our national public lands.

Interns will emerge from the program with the skills, training, and experience necessary to meet the growing demand for recreation managers and natural resource specialists. Colorado Mountain College and the U.S. Forest Service are your pathway to an exciting career in sustainable land management.

Internships begin Fall 2017 - Apply Now!

The Rocky Mountain Land Management Internship program will begin in Fall 2017. Compensation includes all or some of the intern's tuition, room, board, and stipend.

See How to Apply / Eligibility

Application deadline is  April 30, 2017.

Questions about the program can be directed to