Rocky Mountain Land Management Internship

Launch Your Career with the USDA Forest Service

Do you want to be part of something greater than just a work position? Do you want to experience working in a place where you are an integral part of the organization and the larger goals? Do you want to work in a place where there are many growth opportunities and a close-knit community of professionals?

This summer you can experience working with the United States Forest Service while having little to no experience.

We are excited to offer Colorado Mountain College students the opportunity to apply for a 2024 Summer position with the United States Forest Service.

This Summer 2024 semester, the USFS and CMC are partnering to allow students to experience and discover the many opportunities that can exist when working in the USFS. We are seeking to hire students for multiple summer positions across our Roaring Fork Valley. We are looking to hire motivated current Colorado Mountain College students interested in giving back to their communities while receiving mentorship from USFS professionals.

Let this be your opportunity to build an all-encompassing, fruitful career in so many different avenues. There is always room and areas for transferable skills in different positions within the USFS.

Benefits of working in the USFS

  • Receive professional development and mentoring from USFS professionals.
  • Be outdoors and meet a diverse group of individuals.
  • Build a stronger resume and create professional relationships within the USFS.
  • There are so many different job opportunities, training, and skill sets to be applied within and outside of the USFS.
  • You get to work with the public and ensure that the environment is healthy for the next generations, leaving a legacy!
  • GREAT health and retirement benefits.

Summer Housing Available

For students who need housing, we have available housing at our Spring Valley Campus from June through August of 2024.

Program Participation Eligibility

  • Be a CMC student.
  • Be committed to spending the summer months (June-August) in their position.
  • Be motivated and reliable.

Apply Now

The application period is from April 1 - May 1. Final decisions will be made in May.

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For more information contact:

Ana Vega Terrazas
Manager of Access and Equity Initiatives

Awarded for Innovation

The USDA Forest Service awarded the RMLMI Program the Regional Forester’s Honor Award.

RMLMI Faculty

Meet the program Faculty

Available positions

The available positions are to begin in June and end in August. Your experience in these positions can also lead to work opportunities within the United States Forest Service during the school year and beyond.

  • Public Affairs / Community Connection Facilitator
    The student will work directly with the Public Affairs staff focused on press releases, generating social media posts, and other related tasks as assigned.  As part of the internship, the student will work collaboratively with community organizations that are positively engaging and impacting the Latino/a population creating a road map for CMC and the USFS to more efficiently, allocate resources, and connect individuals to opportunities in the Roaring Fork Valley. Bi-lingual (Spanish/English) ability preferred (1 position)
  • Glenwood Springs Canyon Crew Intern
    The student will support the Glenwood Springs Canyon Crew within the canyon, at the boat ramps, on the Hanging Lake Trail, and along the Recreation (bike) Path. They will interact with raft companies, the public, and those who might need assistance while in this dynamic and often challenging environment. The Intern will assist other recreation crews as needed – with either trail work, general developed recreation tasks, or making public contacts. The student will also record commercial and public boat use numbers for annual Wild & Scenic River reporting. Students will have the ability to raft the canyon with other crew members and Colorado Parks and Wildlife. (1-2 positions)
  • Maroon Bells Crew Intern
    The student will support the Maroon Bells Scenic Area Crew. Tasks include working directly with the visiting public and RFTA transportation solutions. Bi-lingual (Spanish/English) ability preferred. (2 positions)
  • Visitor Center / Business Optimization Intern
    The student will support the Aspen-Sopris Ranger District at the Supervisor’s office in GWS. The intern will work directly with the visiting public via in-person and phone interactions at the Visitor Center. The individual will also learn and perform business operation tasks as well as assist the district with administration connected to the Carbondale office rebuild. (1 position)
  • Archaeology Intern
    We are looking for an archaeological intern to assist with a range of archaeological fields and office work. The intern will work alongside and be mentored by Zone Archaeologists.  If working and hiking outdoors, learning how to collect and manage data, combined with a desire for a professional career in archaeology sounds like a good fit for you, please apply to be part of this team. (1 position)