Study Abroad: Paris & Lyon, France

Impressions and Impressionism / French Café Culture

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French cafe culture has been a foundational element of French historical, artistic, literary, and gastronomic life for hundreds of years. These combined culinary and art culture courses explore that rich history through past and contemporary artworks and cuisine.

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Trip Dates: June 1 - 15, 022

Courses: ART 208 (3 CR) Culture Studies, CUA 175 Special Topics (1 CR) French Café Culture & Cuisine

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Program Fee: $4,050

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Trip Leaders

Zyzda, Cynthia

Cynthia Zyzda

Cynthia Zyzda, MFA

Professor of Visual Arts and Humanities
Affiliated Faculty, Sustainability Studies

970-870-4432 |

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Guarnero, Jess

Jessica Guarnero

Jess Guarnero

Dean of the Isaacson School of Communication, Arts, and Media
970-870-4518 |

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