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CMC Aspen Staff

photo: Jennifer Cantway

Cantway, Jennifer

Jennifer Cantway

College Counselor
970-925-7740 |

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April Davey

Davey, April

April Anna Davey

Executive Administrative Assistant
970-236-0402 |

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photo: Dan Hammon

Hammon, Dan

J. Dan Hammon, M.A.

Disability Services Coordinator
970-947-8256 |

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Rebecca Arrington Jones

Jones, Rebecca Arrington

Rebecca Arrington Jones

Concurrent Enrollment & ESL Coordinator
970-236-0413 |

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photo: Amy Krause

Krause, Amy

Amy H. Krause

Enrollment Services Specialist
970-236-0420 |

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photo of Eldon Litton

Litton, Eldon

Eldon Litton

Technology Support Specialist I
970-947-8492 |

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Chris Macdonald

Macdonald, Chris

Chris Macdonald

Continuing Education Coordinator
970-236-0441 |

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photo: Anne Maclean

Maclean, Anne

Anne Maclean

Campus Coordinator of Enrollment Services
970-236-0422 |

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photo - Rob Martin

Martin, Rob

Rob Martin, MFA

Dean, Isaacson School
970-947-8183 |

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Rai Martínez

Martínez Amaya, Raimundo

Raimundo Martínez Amaya

Facilities Manager
970-236-0425 |

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photo: Christina Montemayor

Montemayor, Christina

Christina Montemayor

Campus Fiscal Manager
970-236-0415 |

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