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CMC Aspen Faculty

Bramson, Bennett

Bennett A. Bramson, MPA

Business Instructor
970-274-0479 |

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Buesch, Tom

Dr. Tom Buesch

Professor of Arts and Humanities
970-925-7740 |

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Cesark, K

K Rhynus Cesark, MFA

Assistant Professor; Art, Gallery Director
970-236-0446 |

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Crockett, Linda

Linda Crockett, Ph.D.

Faculty, Psychology
970-236-0440 |

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Luis Flores Porras

Flores Porras, Luis

Luis Flores Porras, PhD

Associate Professor
970-510-3308 |

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Hickel, David

David Hickel

Associate Professor, EMS
970-236-0459 |

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Huffnus, Morgan

Morgan Huffnus, NRP

Assistant Professor, EMS
970-569-2923 |

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Lewis, Ari

Ari Lewis

Culinary & Restaurant Management Program Lead, Assistant Professor
970-236-0426 |

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Mayer, Lauren

Lauren Mayer

Associate Professor of Art / Gallery Director
970-236-0435 |
Pronouns: She/Her

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Zachary Miller

Miller, Zachary

Zachary Miller, Lieutenant

Fire Science Technology Program Chair, Faculty
928-951-0669 |
Pronouns: He/Him

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CMC Aspen Staff

Cantway, Jennifer

Jennifer Cantway

College Counselor
970-925-7740 |

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Erin Hollingsworth

Hollingsworth, Erin

Erin Hollingsworth

Campus Coordinator of Enrollment Services
970-236-0422 |

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Jones, Rebecca Arrington

Rebecca Arrington Jones

Concurrent Enrollment & ESL Coordinator
970-236-0413 |

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Litton, Eldon

Eldon Litton

Technology Support Specialist I
970-947-8492 |

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Macdonald, Chris

Chris Macdonald

Continuing Education Coordinator
970-236-0441 |

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Martínez Amaya, Raimundo

Raimundo Martínez Amaya

Facilities Manager
970-236-0425 |

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Montemayor, Christina

Christina Montemayor

Campus Fiscal Manager
970-236-0415 |

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Shawn Rios

Ríos, Shawn

Shawn Ríos, Ed.D.

Academic Advisor/Senior Enrollment Specialist
970-236-0410 |

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Skadron, Steven

Steven Skadron

Vice President & Campus Dean of CMC Aspen & Carbondale
970-925-7740 |

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Stephanie Woods

Woods, Stephanie

Stephanie Woods, MAT

Instructional Coordinator and CTE Instructor
Pronouns: She/Her

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