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Credit Classes at Breckenridge & Dillon Current Students Use Student Planning (login required) to find your classes and register. Student Planning Community Education See Community Education at Breckenridge & Dillon Prospective Students: Summer 2021 Credit Classes at Breckenridge & Dillon This page is updated periodically. To see the most current listing of classes, go to Student Planning. Please use the Courses Codes and Titles filters or search to find your classes quickly. Breckenridge Dillon Breckenridge Course Code: Course Title: Class Type: Campus/Location: Clear filters Course Code Course Title Credits Class Type Faculty Campus/Location Days of Week Start End Times Start End Dates Refund Date Withdraw Date Description Fees Course Requisites Next Steps Details AAA-095-DS01 Math Helps 1.00 Online Anytime Polise Online 6/1-8/6 06/11/2021 07/21/2021 Provides students with the opportunity to supplement their current math course with mathematical instruction individually designed to “fill in the holes” of missing mathematical concepts. In addition, the course serves as a solid review of mathematical concepts in preparation for college-level math courses. Students will study the content area needed for that student, as indicated by a diagnostic assessment.Go to: for information on how to begin this Online Learning course. Required text is PROVIDED by LMP. Learning Materials Program (LMP) is a flat rate library-like system that applies to all required course materials based on number of credit hours ($29 per credit hour). For questions related to LMP see Basecamp or contact your campus. Required Co-Requisite MAT-050. Current Student: Register on Student Planning / New Students: Apply Now! + ACC-121-AS01 Accounting Principles I 4.00 Flex Cleaver Aspen M 6:00p-8:50p 5/17-8/2 ;5/17-8/2 05/28/2021 07/16/2021 This course introduces accounting principles for understanding the theory and logic that underlie procedures and practices for business organizations. Major topics include the accounting cycle for service and merchandising companies, internal control… Read more: Classes at Breckenridge & Dillon