Faculty and Staff at CMC Breckenridge and Dillon

Highly qualified and talented faculty and staff enjoy teaching and serving at Colorado Mountain College


CMC Breckenridge-Dillon Faculty

photo - Sharon Aguilar

Aguiar, Sharon

Sharon Aguiar

Professor, English as a Second Language
970-968-5810 | saguiar@coloradomtn.edu

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Jen Barchers

Barchers, Jen

Dr. Jen Barchers

Associate Professor
720-425-5309 | jbarchers@coloradomtn.edu

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Photo: Jill Boyle

Boyle, Jill

Jill Boyle, MS, RN

Associate Professor, Nursing
970-989-1338 | jeboyle@coloradomtn.edu

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photo: Jennifer Cassell

Cassell, Jennifer

Jennifer Cassell

Adjunct Faculty, Political Science

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photo - Kevin Clarke with culinary students

Clarke, Kevin

Kevin Clarke

Director of Culinary Education
970-496-4153 | kclarke@coloradomtn.edu
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Crew, Abigail

Abigail Crew

Adjunct Faculty, English

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photo: Margaret Gilmon

Gilmon, Margaret

Margaret Gilmon, PhD, WHNP, RN

Professor, Nursing
970-989-1335 | mgilmon@coloradomtn.edu

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Zack Jankovsky

Jankovsky, Zachary

Zachary Jankovsky

Outdoor Technician, Wilderness Medicine / EMT Aid
920-388-9207 | zjankovsky@coloradomtn.edu

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photo: Elizabeth Kruger

Kruger, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Kruger, MSN

Adjunct Faculty, Nursing
619-540-9676 | ekruger@coloradomtn.edu

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Monika Mayer

Mayer, Monika

Monika Mayer, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor, Nursing
303-887-0018 | mmayer@coloradomtn.edu

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Monique Melhauser

Melhauser, Monique

Monique A. Melhauser

Adjunct Professor
970-468-5989 | mmelhauser@coloradomtn.edu

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Mikita, Drew

Drew Mikita, LPC

Associate Professor of Psychology
970-453-6757 | amikita@coloradomtn.edu

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photo - Joyce Mosher

Mosher, Joyce, Ph.D.

Joyce Devlin Mosher, Ph.D.

Professor of English and Communications
970-453-6757 | jmosher@coloradomtn.edu

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Justin Pollack

Pollack, Justin

Dr. Justin Pollack, N.D.

Professor, Science / Health
970-406-1312 | jpollack@oloradomtn.edu

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Elizabeth Poulos

Poulos, Elizabeth

Elizabeth T. Poulos, Ed.D.

Dean of Nursing, Health Sciences, Public Safety, Wellness & Outdoor Studies
970-409-2327 | epoulos@coloradomtn.edu

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Schwander, Tom

Tom Schwander

Adjunct Faculty

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Marilyn Taylor

Taylor, Marilyn

Dr. Marilyn Taylor

Adjunct Faculty

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Joanne Yantz

Yantz, Joanne

Joanne Yantz

Adjunct Faculty

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CMC Breckenridge-Dillon Staff

Askeland, David

David Askeland

College Vice President & Campus Dean of CMC Summit County
970-989-1312 | daskeland@coloradomtn.edu

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Ian Buchanan

Buchanan, Ian

Ian T. Buchanan

Director Recreational Culinary Institute
970-989-1309 | ibuchanan@coloradomtn.edu

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Contos, Georgette

Georgette Contos

Simulation Lab Coordinator

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Irma De La Guardia

De La Guardia, Irma

Irma De La Guardia

Academic Advisor I/Senior Enrollment Services Specialist
970-989-1344 | idelaguardia@coloradomtn.edu

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Farness, Danielle

Danielle Farness

Admin Tech II/ Marketing Coordinator
970-989-1345 | dfarness@coloradomtn.edu

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Nicole Fazande

Fazande, Nicole

Nicole Fazande

Associate Dean of Academic & Student Affairs
970-968-5805 | nfazande@coloradomtn.edu

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Kemppainen, Jen

Jen Kemppainen

Campus Fiscal Manager
970-989-1302 | jkemppainen@coloradomtn.edu

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Heidi Kunzek

Kunzek, Heidi

Heidi Kunzek

Executive Administrative Assistant
970-989-1314 | hkunzek@coloradomtn.edu

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Yuliya Lef

Lef, Yuliya

Yuliya Lef

Virtual Library Director
970-968-5842 | ylef@coloradomtn.edu

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Laurie Moroco

Moroco, Laurie

Laurie J. Moroco, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean of Instruction; Adjunct Faculty, Communication
970-989-1313 | lmoroco@coloradomtn.edu

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Stefanie Post

Post, Stefanie

Stefanie M. Post

Academic Advisor/Sr. Enrollment Specialist
970-453-6757 | spost@coloradomtn.edu

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Elizabeth Poulos

Poulos, Elizabeth

Elizabeth T. Poulos, Ed.D.

Dean of Nursing, Health Sciences, Public Safety, Wellness & Outdoor Studies
970-409-2327 | epoulos@coloradomtn.edu

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Andrew Pyrc

Pyrc, Andrew

Andrew Pyrc, M.Ed.

Access Coordinator
970-968-5816 | apyrc@coloradomtn.edu

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Ryan Shepherd

Shepherd, Ryan

Ryan M. Shepherd

Facility Manager
970-989-1306 | rmshepherd@coloradomtn.edu

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Walker, Andrea

Andrea Walker, M.A.

Student Support Services / Pathway Coordinator
970-453-6757 | aswalker@coloradomtn.edu

CMC Breckenridge/Dillon
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Watson, Alex

Alex Watson

Academic Advisor I/Senior Enrollment Specialist
970-989-1343 | acwatson@coloradomtn.edu

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