Denison Commons housing complex in Breckenridge, Colorado.

CMC Student Housing at Denison Commons

Colorado Mountain College will be offering a limited number of student housing units this year in Breckenridge at the Denison Commons Apartments located at 45, 61 and 73 Denison Placer Rd. The following is an explanation of the property, process and required criteria to qualify for a student housing apartment at Denison Commons. Please read all of the following information carefully before completing an Apartment Rental Application.

There will be 30 total units (20 studios and 10 one bedrooms) available first come first serve for move in beginning August for the academic year. Additionally, there will be a new adjacent building coming on board early August 2023 that will consist of 24 studios and 12, 2-bedroom units.

The following is a breakdown of rent, security deposits, utilities, lease terms and amenities:

  • Studio: Rent $1100.00 utilities included
  • One Bedroom: Rent $1319.00 utilities included
  • Two Bedrooms: Rent $1583.00 utilities included

See floorplans below.

Residents are responsible for setting up and paying for optional cable TV and Internet services. Security deposit is equal to 1 month rent with approval of the application and equal to 2 months’ rent with conditional approval of the application. 12-month lease term only, provided tenant meets student criteria for each semester within the lease term (see below for criteria for student renters). All apartments include full kitchen, full bath, washer and dryer access.

All apartments will be smoke free, and no guns or weapons of any kind will be allowed.


The following Preferred Qualifying Criteria applies for a student to be deemed a "qualifying student" and remain in good standing for renting an apartment unit:

  • Declared degree-seeking student that is in good academic and financial standing with the college. (Degree exceptions apply for ESL/HSE students.)
  • Completion of either 7 Credit Hours per Semester or no less than 20 Credit Hours per Academic Year.
  • At least twenty-four (24) college level credit hours already earned after high school graduation and transferred/accepted before the start of the semester – credits taken concurrent with high school or attained thru Advanced Placement (AP) do not apply towards the minimum.
  • 2 years military service including military learning credits can be substituted for the 24+ credit hour minimum.

Each unit requires a minimum of 1 Qualifying CMC Student. (There is a maximum occupancy of 2 adults per Studio or One-Bedroom Unit, and a maximum occupancy of 4 adults per Two-Bedroom Unit.) The highest priority for the Two-Bedroom units will be for Qualifying Students with at least one Qualified Dependent, or for 2 Qualifying CMC Students who wish to be roommates.

Student tenants that complete fewer than 7 credits per term and 20 credits in a 12-month period will be ineligible to remain as a tenant of an apartment. If a tenant becomes ineligible to occupy an apartment, she or he must vacate the apartment no later than the last day of the academic term during which she or he became ineligible, unless, as expressly approved in writing by the campus Vice President.

CMC Employee Renter Eligibility

CMC employees will be eligible if all units are not filled by August 1. Any CMC employee who is also a lessee of an apartment must work 30 or more hours per week at the college to remain a tenant. CMC employees who do not maintain this standard will be ineligible to remain a tenant of an apartment.

All qualified students, and any other occupant 18 years of age and older, must complete and submit an Apartment Rental Application for the processing of credit and criminal background checks.

Applying for Housing at Denison Commons

There is a $33 non-refundable application fee per occupant 18 year of age and older.

Applicants will be required to show and income of at least 2.5 times the monthly rent in order to qualify, and any applicant whose application is denied based on the income requirement or the credit and criminal background check will not be allowed to sign a lease or rent an apartment and will be removed from the priority list.

Denison Housing Application

Applications can also be submitted in person at:

Denison Commons Leasing
Pinewood Village Apartments
605 Airport Rd.
Breckenridge, Co 80424

First come, first serve

Apartments will be rented on a first come first serve basis based on the order in which applications were received by management. Therefore, the first person to submit an application will be given the opportunity to select his/her apartment first and so on. If an applicant ultimately does not qualify based on any of the criteria (credit, criminal, student, income or employment) he/she will be removed from the priority list and his/her place will be given to the next applicant in line.

Please contact Denison Commons Management with any questions or concerns regarding this process and/or criteria. You can reach us by phone at 970-547-4433, by email at, or in person at the Denison Commons Leasing office.

Denison Commons Floor Plans

One Bedroom

Floor plan for Denison Commons one bedroom


Floor plan for Denison Commons studio

Floor plans at the new CMC apartments

Apartments will not be furnished by CMC.

Two-bedroom / 750 SQ-FT

Two-bedroom floor plan at the CMC housing project in Breckenridge.


One-bedroom floor plan at the CMC housing project in Breckenridge.