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CMC Carbondale Faculty

CMC Carbondale Staff

Photo: Marianne Ackerman

Ackerman, Marianne

Marianne Ackerman

Continuing Education Coordinator
970-963-2172 |

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Photo of Debbie Arnold

Arnold, Debra

Debra Arnold

College Counselor
970-963-2172 |

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photo - Margaret Clement

Clement, Margaret

Margaret Therese Clement, MFA

Site Director
970-925-7740 |

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Crockett, Linda

Linda Crockett, Ph.D.

Vice President and Campus Dean, Aspen and Carbondale
970-236-0440 |

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photo: Linda Froning

Froning, Linda

Linda Singer Froning

Campus Coordinator of Enrollment Services
970-963-2172 |

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photo: Laurie Gish-Soliday

Gish-Solida, Laurie

Laurie Gish-Solida

Senior Enrollment Services Specialist
970-963-2172 |

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photo: Terry Glasenapp

Glasenapp, Terry

Terry Paul Glasenapp

Enrollment Services Specialist
970-963-2172 |

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photo: Linda Halloran

Halloran, Linda

Linda Halloran

Registration Technician
970-963-2172 |

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photo: Dan Hammon

Hammon, Dan

J. Dan Hammon, M.A.

Disability Services Coordinator
970-947-8256 |

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photo: Rebecca Jones

Jones, Rebecca Arrington

Rebecca Arrington Jones

Executive Administrative Assistant
970-236-0413 |

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