Buena Vista Housing

Buena Vista (Chaffee County) is a resort area with fairly limited rental options during the peak rafting season. Simply knowing where to look can give you a leg up in your hunt for housing.

There are opportunities to rent rooms in both the communities of Buena Vista and Salida. There are no residence halls at CMC Buena Vista.

Since Chaffee County is a summer destination for many, there are seasonal work opportunities in local restaurants, rafting companies, and other seasonal employment options. Discover the valley and you will opt to stay even after your coursework is complete!

Note: The College provides the above housing resources as information only and has not independently reviewed the quality, price or other features of any housing alternative listed. CMC does not endorse or rate off-campus housing options. The list of housing facilities on this site is not complete, and there may be additional housing options in the community.