Faculty and Staff at CMC Glenwood Springs



Photo of Emma Axelson

Axelson, Emma

Emma Axelson

Enrollment Services Specialist
970-947-8475 | eaxelson@coloradomtn.edu

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Photo of Allie Bailey-Gates

Bailey-Gates, Allie

Allie Bailey-Gates

970-945-7486 | mgates@coloradomtn.edu

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Photo of Kim Buchanan

Buchanan, Kim

Kim Buchanan

Accounts Manager II
970-947-8476 | kbuchanan@coloradomtn.edu

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Photo of Sharon Call, Glenwood Center

Call, Sharon

Sharon Call

Enrollment Services Specialist
970-947-8472 | scall@coloradomtn.edu

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Photo of Joan Chovanec

Chovanec, Joan

Joan Chovanec

Director, Children's Mini College
970-945-2446 | jchovanec@coloradomtn.edu

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Photo of Wynter Corte

Corte, Wynter

Wynter Corte

Administrative Assistant II
970-947-8442 | wgcorte@coloradomtn.edu

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Photo of Annmarie Deter

Deter, Annmarie

Annmarie Deter

Continuing Education Coordinator
970-947-8477 | adeter@coloradomtn.edu

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photo: Dan Hammon

Hammon, Dan

J. Dan Hammon, M.A.

Disability Services Coordinator
970-947-8256 | jdhammon@coloradomtn.edu

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Laura Hardman

Hardman, Laura

Laura Hardman

Assistant Dean of Instruction and Glenwood Center Director
970-947-8457 | lhardman@coloradomtn.edu

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Photo of Abby Hollenbaugh

Hollenbaugh, Abby

Abby Hollenbaugh

Teacher, Children's Mini College

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