Timberline Analytical Laboratory Current Equipment and Supplies

Learn more about the instrumentation, equipment and supplies available for chemical analysis and sample preparation by users in the TAL

Acid Digestion Chemical Fume Hood (Funded 2008) An acid resistant chemical fume hood was funded by CMC in 2008 for the TAL facility and was installed in the fall of 2008. The chemical fume hood is an essential piece of laboratory equipment that ensures students/staff health and safety. It also allows for the adoption of proper (EPA) standard operating procedures for sample preparation in NRM, Science, and HP curricula and projects. Previously, the Timberline Campus had one chemical fume hood in ND Room 222 that was used to store chemicals and for Chemistry/Biology class usage. However, that hood was not designed for use with strong acids, bases, and oxidizing chemicals that are typically utilized in NRM and Science courses. The new chemical fume hood is acid-digestion safe and has the capability to store acids, bases, and oxidizing reagents in a safe manner. Previously, acids, bases, and oxidizing chemicals were stored in unventilated chemical storage cabinets.

High-Precision Analytical Balance (Funded 2008)The Acculab Atilon© Analytical Balance provides high precision (±0.1mg) weighing capability sufficient for weighing out chemical reagents used for chemical laboratory experiments and for creating analytical standards. An analytical balance with this amount of precision also provides good training opportunities for students on how to properly weigh out solids in very small amounts.

Hot Plates with Magnetic Stirring Capability (Funded 2008)The magnetic stirring hot plates were necessary for chemical experiments and sample preparation where aqueous solutions need to be heated and homogenized. The TAL facility houses four 6"x6" ceramic stirring hot plates with additional sizes of stirring rods available for use. In chemistry and biology labs, hot plates are a much safer alternative and much more accurate vs. the traditional Bunsen burners.

Laboratory Ware (Funded 2008)
Various types of laboratory ware were needed to replace the items that were previously used on the Timberline Campus for NRM and Science courses. Much of the "old" laboratory ware was either old, contaminated, or damaged which is not safe for use by students. Items that were replaced include Erlenmeyer flasks, beakers, and graduated cylinders. The compositions of most of the replacement laboratory ware will consisted of Pyrex© and polypropylene plastic for durability and resistance to heat. Teflon labware was also purchase for those applications needing ultra clean sample digestion techniques.

Spex SamplePrep© 8000M Mixer Mill (Funded 2008)The Spex SamplePrep© 8000M Mixer Mill is utilized for a variety of courses and projects that require solids to be powdered and homogenized for chemical analysis. The Timberline Campus recently purchased a portable XRF spectrometer that requires solids to be powdered to small fraction (<1mm) for precise elemental analysis. Chemical analysis that will require the need of total digestion of solids, especially rock, soil and sediment, is only possible by first milling the solid to a fine powder prior to digestion by acids. In addition, the ball mill is used to powder soil, rock, building material, and biologic tissue for classes and project work where a total digestion of the material is needed. The Spex SamplePrep© 8000M Mixer Mill provides an efficient and consistent way to powder solids rather than the traditional mortar and pestle method. Vial sets (vial and balls) of various compositions were also purchased to fulfill the various types of material and analytical needs that will be encountered.

HACH® 2100AN IS Turbidimeter The HACH® 2100 AN IS Turbidimeter was donated to the TAL facility in 2008 by HACH and is ISO certified for measuring turbidity of aqueous solutions including natural waters. This instrument delivers much more accurate and rapid readings vs. older methods requiring comparisons to standards of known composition. This is important when many samples have to be analyzed in a short period of time.

Barnstead Nanopure DIamond Filtration System
To perform chemical analyses of samples, a source of ultrapure water is an absolute necessity: both for sample digestion as well as preparation of contamination-free labware. This system removes inorganic species such as metals, and mineral species and organic compounds, using a combination of fine filtration, reverse-osmosis and activated carbon cartridges.

Other Instrumentation and Equipment for Chemical Analysis Support:

  • Hach Water Hardness Kit
  • Digital Alkalinity Titration Kit
  • Hach Sension Water Quality Meters
  • Myron Ultrameter II Water Quality Meter
  • Mineral Acidity Test Kits
  • Two Hach DREL/2010 Spectrophotometers
  • Hach Drinking Water Test Kits (Metals, anions, and nutrients)
  • Digital Phosphate Titration Test Kit

Additional Sample Preparation Equipment and Supplies:

  • Vials of various composition for the Spex SamplePrep© 8000M Mixer/Mill:
    • Tungsten carbide
    • Stainless steel
    • Alumina oxide
    • Silicon nitride
  • Water Distillation System
  • Wrist Action Shaker
  • Various Filtration Equipment (capsules, syringe, gravity-fed disc)
  • Soil And Sediment Sieves (soil separation)
  • Two Digital Scales (1,000gm capacity at ±0.1gm precision)
  • Cole Parmer High Temperature (2,500° C) Muffle Furnace
  • Shaking bath
  • Autoclave
  • Incubator