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Boughton, Carole

Carole Boughton

photo - Carole BoughtonRifle Campus Vice President & Dean
With CMC Since: 2017

Carole joins us from Northern Wyoming Community College District in Gillette, where she served as the Director of the Center for Workforce and Community Development. Prior to the role, she was part of the team at Western Wyoming Community College.

Her educational background includes a Master of Public Administration from the University of Wyoming in Laramie and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Northern Colorado. Career highlights include working within multi-campus structures in rural communities, creating pathways for lifelong learning, community economic development, and collaboration with the oil and gas industry.

Faculty at Colorado Mountain College Rifle

Allen, Cory

Faculty, Developmental Education
970-625-6925 |

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photo - Stewar Clark

Clark, Stewart

Professor of Applied Engineering Tech Program
970-625-6947 |

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photo - Tinker Duclo

Duclo, Tinker

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Adjunct Professor of Sustainability Studies

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photo - Michael Reyelts

Reyelts, Michael

Professor of ESL and Spanish
970-625-6946 |

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photo - Adrian Rippy-Sheehy

Rippy-Sheehy, Adrian

Professor of Real Estate
970-625-6953 |

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photo - Dave Ruffley

Ruffley, David

Associate Professor of History and Political Science
970-625-6958 |

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photo - Jason Shoup

Shoup, Jason

Welding Program Instructor
970-379-9865 |

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Taylor, Josh

Professor of Applied Engineering Tech Program
970-230-9488 |

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photo - Nephi Thompson

Thompson, Nephi

Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry
970-625-6909 |

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photo - Bob Von Achen

Von Achen, Robert

Professor of English and Communications
970-625-6949 |

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Staff at Colorado Mountain College Rifle

photo - Yesenia Arreola

Arreola, Yesenia

Upward Bound Director
970-625-6987 |

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photo - Jenny Boone

Boone, Jenny

CEPA Coordinator and College Career Advisor, High Schools
970-625-6928 |

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Cook, Janelle

Financial Aid Specialist
970-625-6910 |

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photo - Tinker Duclo

Duclo, Tinker

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Adjunct Professor of Sustainability Studies

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Gugelman, Joe

Maintenance Manager
970-625-6931 |

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Hammond, Gethze

Student Support Services, College Navigator
970-625-6957 |

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Haney, Robin

Energy Industry Training Coordinator
970-625-6950 |

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Kochevar, Linda

Administrative Technician, Front Desk
970-625-6906 |

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Long, Amanda

Early Learners’ Center Director
970-625-6916 |

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Mekis, Alicia

Continuing Education Coordinator
970-625-6982 |

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photo - Libby Neal

Neal, Libby

Disabilities Services Coordinator
970-625-6959 |

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Paugh, Jessica

Assistant Dean of Instruction for CTE, Business & Science
970-625-6945 |

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Rust, Katie

Administrative Technician, Student Services
970-625-6927 |

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