CMC Rifle Faculty and Staff

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Faculty at Colorado Mountain College Rifle

Tinker Duclo

Duclo, Tinker

Tinker Duclo

Vice President & Campus Dean of CMC Rifle

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photo - Michael Reyelts

Reyelts, Michael

Michael Reyelts

Professor of ESL and Spanish, ESL Department Chair
970-625-6946 |

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David Ruffley

Ruffley, David

Dave Ruffley. Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History and Political Science
970-625-6958 |

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photo - Jason Shoup

Shoup, Jason

Jason Shoup

Welding Program Instructor
970-379-9865 |

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Taylor, Josh

Josh Taylor

Professor of Applied Engineering Tech Program
970-230-9488 |

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photo - Nephi Thompson

Thompson, Nephi

Nephi Thompson

Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry
970-625-6909 |

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photo - Bob Von Achen

Von Achen, Robert

Robert Von Achen

Professor of English and Communications
970-625-6949 |

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Staff at Colorado Mountain College Rifle

photo - Jenny Boone

Boone, Jenny

Jenny Boone

Disability Services Coordinator/Academic Advisor
970-625-6928 |

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Cook, Janelle

Janelle Cook

Financial Aid Specialist
970-625-6910 |

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Cueva, Gloria

Gloria Cueva

Upward Bound Director
970-625-6938 |

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Tinker Duclo

Duclo, Tinker

Tinker Duclo

Vice President & Campus Dean of CMC Rifle

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Gethze Hammond

Hammond, Gethze

Gethze Hammond

Student Support Services, College Navigator
970-625-6957 |

CMC Rifle
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Hollon, Josh

Josh Hollon

Technology Support Specialist

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Matt Koch

Koch, Matt

Matt Koch

Continuing Education and Marketing Coordinator
970-625-6914 |

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Marjorie Lear

Lear, Marjorie

Marjorie Schreiber Lear, MLIS

Assistant Dean of Instruction
970-625-6943 |

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Long, Amanda

Amanda Long

Early Learners' Center Director
970-625-6916 |

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Photo of Marge Palmer

Palmer, Marge

Marge Palmer

Enrollment Services Specialist and Placement Testing Proctor
970-963-2172 |

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Rust, Katie

Katie Rust

Financial Aid Specialist, Senior Enrollment Specialist
970-625-6927 |

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Photo of Chip Thomas II

Thomas, Chip

Dr. Chip Thomas

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
970-625-6955 |

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Trejo, Fabiola

Fabiola Trejo

Admin Tech
970-625-6901 |

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Vicky Valentine

Valentine, Vicky

Vicky Valentine

Campus Coordinator of Enrollment Services
970-625-6906 |

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