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Sopris Theatre Company at Colorado Mountain College 2018-2019 Production Calendar

The Sopris Theatre Company is please to announce its 2018-2019 Season. All performances are held at the New Space Theatre at CMC-Spring Valley. Tickets can be purchased online through EventBrite. For more information, please call 970-947-8177 or email Tickets are $18 for adults and $13 for students, seniors and CMC employees.

Season tickets are now available for all 2018-19 Performances. Season tickets are $60 for adults and $40 for Seniors and CMC Staff/Faculty/Students and can be purchased at EventBrite.

*Please note: performance dates are subject to change.

The Other Place 

By Sharr White
Directed by Brad Moore
Winner of First Place Show, Three Outstanding Achievement Awards (acting, directing & set design) and One Excellence in Theatre Award (supporting actor) at the Colorado Theatre Festival in Salida, Colorado, July 11-14

Encore Performance takes place at CMC on Sept. 28 and 29 at 7 p.m. Admission is free, though donations are accepted. Donations/Reserved tickets on EventBrite.

Just as Juliana Smithton's research leads to a potential breakthrough, her life takes a disorienting turn. During a lecture to colleagues at an exclusive beach resort, she glimpses an enigmatic young woman in a yellow bikini amidst the crowd of business suits. One step at a time, a mystery unravels as contradictory evidence, blurred truth and fragmented memories collide in a cottage on the windswept shores of Cape Cod.

When You Comin Back, Red Ryder? 

By Mark Medoff
Directed by Brad Moore

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In an all-night diner in a sleepy southwestern town, young Stephen (Red) Ryder, is about to turn his duties over to his counterpart, Angel. Her friend and an affluent couple en route to New Orleans stop by for breakfast, and what happens next turns everything upside down. Teddy and Cheryl walk into the diner; their car, in which they are smuggling marijuana into California has broken down. While they wait for their car to be repaired, Teddy begins to taunt and then bully the others in the diner with his black, sardonic humor. Will they be able to break free from Teddy's ordeal?

Dates Time
Oct. 19 & 20 7:00 PM
Oct. 26 & 27 7:00 PM
Oct. 21 & 28 2:00 PM

The Revolutionists 

By Lauren Gunderson
Directed by Gary Ketzenbarger

Four beautiful, badass women lose their heads in this irreverent, girl-powered comedy set during the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror. Playwright Olympe de Gouges, assassin Charlotte Corday, former queen (and fan of ribbons) Marie Antoinette, and Haitian rebel Marianne Angelle hang out, murder Marat, and try to beat back the extremist insanity in 1793 Paris. This grand and dream-tweaked comedy is about violence and legacy, art and activism, feminism and terrorism, compatriots and chosen sisters, and how we actually go about changing the world. It's a true story. Or total fiction. Or a play about a play. Or a raucous resurrection…that ends in a song and a scaffold.

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Dates Time
Nov. 30 & Dec. 1 7:00 PM
Dec. 7 & 8 7:00 PM
Dec. 2 & 9 2:00 PM

The Nerd 

By Larry Shue
Directed by Brendan Cochran

Now an aspiring young architect in Terre Haute, Indiana, Willum Cubbert has often told his friends about the debt he owes to Rick Steadman, a fellow ex-GI whom he has never met but who saved his life after he was seriously wounded in Vietnam. He has written to Rick to say that, as long as he is alive, "you will have somebody on Earth who will do anything for you"—so Willum is delighted when Rick shows up unexpectedly at his apartment on the night of his thirty-fourth birthday party. But his delight soon fades as it becomes apparent that Rick is a hopeless "nerd"—a bumbling oaf with no social sense, little intelligence and less tact. And Rick stays on and on until the normally placid Willum finds himself contemplating extreme measures.

Dates Time
Feb. 15 & 16 7:00 PM
Feb. 22 & 23 7:00 PM
Feb. 17 & 24 2:00 PM

Ladies of the Camellias 

By Lillian Groag
Directed by Brad Moore

This hilarious farce is about an imagined meeting in Paris, 1897, between the famous theater divas Sarah Bernhardt and Eleonora Duse. The two actresses—who were the biggest and most temperamental stars of their day—were scheduled to perform back-to-back productions of the play, The Lady of the Camellias. The actresses have yet to meet. The members of both acting companies expect huge fireworks between the two grand dames, and do what they can to avoid being in the way. Into this tense situation comes Ivan, a young Russian anarchist who threatens to blow up everyone in the theater—especially the two divas—unless his comrades are released from prison. Bernhardt and Duse must meet and greet each other for the first time as they are taken hostage by the armed Ivan. Ivan's ranting aside, the anarchist seems to know an awful lot about the theater, raising suspicions amongst the actors. Another actor who is playing Cyrano De Bergerac, sneaks into the melee, and, in full costume, challenges Ivan to a duel. A rapier is no match for a gun and bomb, so it is theatrical dialogue they all must use to try and convince Ivan to let them go.

Dates Time
Apr. 5 & 6 7:00 PM
Apr. 12 & 13 7:00 PM
Apr. 7 & 14 2:00 PM

Student Workshop Production - April 25, 2019, 7 p.m.

Original works by CMC Theatre Students

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