CMC Spring Valley at Glenwood Springs Faculty

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CMC Spring Valley Faculty

photo - Johan Aberman

Aberger, Johann

Johann Aberger

Associate Professor of Outdoor Education
970-947-8237 |

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photo - Erin Beaver

Beaver, Erin

Erin Beaver

Professor of English
970-947-8262 |

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photo -Kevin Brun

Brun, Kevin

Instructor of Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy (CLETA)
970-947-8283 |

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photo - Stewart Curry

Curry, Stewart

Assistant Professor, Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy (CLETA)
970-947-8200 |

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photo: Betty Damask-Bembenek

Damask-Bembenek, Betty

Betty Damask-Bembenek, Ed.D.

Interim Dean, School of Nursing, Health Sciences & Public Safety
970-947-8251 |

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photo - Merne Dragonette

Dragonette, Merne

Professor of Mathematics
970-947-8260 |

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photo: Rik Englebert

Englebert, Richard

Rik Englebert, MSN, RN

Associate Professor, Nursing
970-947-8232 |

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photo: Whitney Erickson

Erickson, Whitney

Whitney Erickson, DNP, RN, CEN

Associate Professor, Nursing
970-947-8166 |

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photo - Judith Evans

Evans, Judy

Judy Evans, MSN, RN, CNE, CMSRN

Professor, Nursing
970-948-9875 |

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photo - Joseph Gamble

Gamble, Joseph

Assistant Professor of Professional Photography
970-947-8228 |

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CMC Spring Valley Staff

Photo of Seth Andersen

Andersen, Seth

Lab Technician, Isaacson School for New Media
970-947-8491 |

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photo of Jen Brennan

Brennan, Jen

College Counselor
970-947-8275 |

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Photo of Kate Burchell

Burchell, Kate

Campus Store Manager
970-947-8152 |

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Photo of Kearstin Cameron

Cameron, Kearstin

TRIO Success Center Coordinator
Glenwood Springs-Spring Valley-Carbondale
970-947-8282 |

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Photo of Wynter Corte

Corte, Wynter

Administrative Assistant II – Instruction
970-947-8258 |

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Photo of Amy Currier

Currier, Amy

Library Technician
970-947-8170 |

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Photo of Heather Exby

Exby, Heather

Heather D. Exby, Ph.D.

Vice President and Campus Dean, Spring Valley
970-947-8201 |

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Photo of Adrian Fielder

Fielder, Adrian, Ph.D.

Adrian Fielder, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean of Instruction
970-947-8246 |

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photo: Dan Hammon

Hammon, Dan

J. Dan Hammon, M.A.

Disability Services Coordinator
970-947-8256 |

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Photo of Becky Kramer

Kramer, Becky

Instructional/Reference Librarian
970-947-8269 |

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