Outdoor Leadership Center & Field House Climbing Wall

The climbing wall within the Outdoor Leadership Center & Field House is 38 feet tall, making it the tallest in the Roaring Fork Valley, and second tallest on the Western Slope. The wall contains 12 top rope lanes, three auto-belays, a bouldering cave, and a moon board. Routes are set by certified route setters every six to eight weeks and range from 5.6 - 5.13+.

This feature is open to the campus community as well as members of the greater Roaring Fork community.  Memberships must be purchased through the RecDesk portal or at the front desk of the Outdoor Leadership Center & Feild House.

The climbing wall in the Outdoor Leadership Center & Field House operates under the mission of the College, and therefore supports the academic programs and success of its students. Therefore, there may be closures of the wall to accommodate this mission.

Visitors are responsible for completing a facility orientation and passing designated Proficiency Test(s) before accessing the climbing areas. After passing the Proficiency Test(s), the climber’s certification card must be displayed or readily available at all times. At no time, nor under any circumstances, may certification cards be shared, loaned, or borrowed.