CMC Spring Valley at Glenwood Springs Staff

CMC Spring Valley Staff

Photo of Seth Andersen

Andersen, Seth

Seth Andersen

Lab Technician, Isaacson School for Communication, Arts & Media
970-947-8491 |

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photo of Sarah Brenna

Brenna, Sarah

Sarah Brenna

Campus Receivable Manager
970-947-8277 |

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photo of Jen Brennan

Brennan, Jen

Jen Brennan

College Counselor
970-947-8275 |

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photo - Kearstin Cameron

Cameron, Kearstin

Kearstin Cameron

TRIO Success Center Coordinator
970-947-8282 |

CMC Spring Valley & Carbondale
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photo of Andrea Caruso

Caruso, Andrea

Andrea Caruso

College Counselor
970-947-8221 |

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Cook, Chris

Chris Cook, MLIS

Administrative Assistant II
970-947-8258 |

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Photo of Heather Exby

Exby, Heather

Heather D. Exby, Ph.D.

Vice President & Campus Dean of CMC Spring Valley
970-947-8201 |

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Photo of Adrian Fielder

Fielder, Adrian, Ph.D.

Adrian Fielder, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean of Instruction
970-947-8246 |

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photo: Linda Froning

Froning, Linda

Linda Singer Froning

Executive Administrative Assistant
970-947-8287 |

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Gonzales, Dana

Dana Gonzales

Administrative Assistant, Nursing
970-947-8257 |

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photo: Dan Hammon

Hammon, Dan

J. Dan Hammon, M.A.

Access Coordinator
970-947-8256 |

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Hussong, Kristopher

Kristopher Hussong

Facilities Manager
970-947-8220 |

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photo of Matt Koch

Koch, Matt

Matt Koch

College-Wide Learning Materials and Campus Store Manager
970-947-8152 |

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Eunice Kong

Kong, Eunice

Eunice Kong

Test Administrator
970-947-8481 |

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Photo of Becky Kramer

Kramer, Becky

Becky Kramer

Instructional/Reference Librarian
970-947-8269 |

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Alisha Maes

Maes, Alisha

Alisha Maes

Residence Life Coordinator
970-947-8204 |

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McCoola, Jacob

Jacob McCoola

Outdoor Studies Program Manager
970-947-8160 |

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photo - Brad Moore

Moore, Brad

Brad Moore

Theatre Operations Manager, Sopris Theatre Company; Adjunct Faculty, Theatre Program
970-947-8187 |

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photo of Shari Neuroth

Neuroth, Shari

Shari Neuroth

Campus Budget Manager
970-947-8207 |

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Olen, Natuza

Natuza Olen

Marketing & Brand Coordinator
970-947-8293 |

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photo of Sandra Peterson

Peterson, Sandra

Sandra Peterson, BSN, RN

Nursing Learning Lab Coordinator
970-384-8702 |

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Photo of Lisa Runck

Runck, Lisa

Lisa Runck, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Student Affairs
970-947-8212 |

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photo of Jack Shelburne

Shelburne, Jack

Jack Shelburne

Coordinator of Student Activities and Conferences
970-947-8223 |

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Photo of Jane Szucs

Szucs, Jane

Jane Szucs

Assistant Dean of Instruction
970-947-8259 |

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Pauline Trujillo

Trujillo, Pauline

Pauline Trujillo

Administrative Assistant II, Student Services
970-947-8229 |

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Mindy White

White, Mindy

Mindy White

Learning Lab Coordinator
970-947-8284 |

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