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Martyn Kingston

Kingston, Martyn, Ph.D.

Martyn Kingston, Ph.D.

Professor, Business
970-870-4459 | mkingston@coloradomtn.edu

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photo - Jenny LeRoux

LeRoux, Jenny

Jenny LeRoux

Professor, Adult Basic Education/Developmental Studies
970-870-4534 | jleroux@coloradomtn.edu

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photo - Mike Martin

Martin, Mike

Mike Martin

Professor and Director, Ski & Snowboard Business
970-870-4438 | mmartin@coloradomtn.edu

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McBride, Colleen

Colleen McBride, MSN, RN

Adjunct Faculty, Nursing
970-846-0246 | CAMcBride@coloradomtn.edu

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Paul McCudden

McCudden, Paul

Paul McCudden

Associate Professor, Physical Science
970-870-4537 | pmccudden@coloradomtn.edu

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Athena Murray

Murray, Athena, Ph.D.

Athena R. Murray, Ph.D.

Professor, Communication
Affiliated Faculty, Sustainability Studies

970-870-4424 | armurray@coloradomtn.edu

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Rebecca Potter

Potter, Rebecca

Rebecca Potter

Professor, English/Communication
970-870-4447 | rpotter@coloradomtn.edu

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photo: Lindsey Royce

Royce, Lindsey

Lindsey Royce, Ph.D.

Professor, English
970-870-4435 | lroyce@coloradomtn.edu

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John Saunders

Saunders, John, Ph.D.

John Saunders, Ph.D.

Professor, Wilderness Studies
Affiliated Faculty, Sustainability Studies

970-870-4441 | jsaunders@coloradomtn.edu

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Rebecca Schmidt

Schmidt, Rebecca

Rebecca Schmidt, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Biology
970-870-4433 | rschmidt3@coloradomtn.edu

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