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Courtney Smazinski

Smazinski, Courtney

Courtney Smazinski, MSN, FNP-BC

Nursing Faculty
970-870-3824 | csmazinski@coloradomtn.edu

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Patrick Staib

Staib, Patrick, Ph.D.

Patrick W. Staib, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Social Sciences
Affiliated Faculty, Sustainability Studies

970-870-4448 | pstaib@coloradomtn.edu

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Nathan L. Stewart

Stewart, Nathan, Ph.D.

Nathan L. Stewart, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Sustainability Studies
970-870-4562 | nlstewart@coloradomtn.edu

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Steven Stewart

Stewart, Steven

Steven Stewart, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Business
970-870-4513 | mailto:sstewart@coloradomtn.edu

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Peter Surgent

Surgent, Peter

Peter Surgent

Associate Professor, Math
970-870-4476 | psurgent@coloradomtn.edu

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Joyce Treulieb

Treulieb, Joyce

Joyce Treulieb

Associate Professor, Mathematics
970-870-4475 | jtruelieb@coloradomtn.edu

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Tim Widmer

Widmer, Tim

Tim Widmer

Professor, Ski & Snowboard Business
970-870-4528 | twidmer@coloradomtn.edu

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Cynthia Zyzda

Zyzda, Cynthia

Cynthia Zyzda, MFA

Professor of Visual Arts and Humanities
Affiliated Faculty, Sustainability Studies

970-870-4432 | czyzda@coloradomtn.edu

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