Steamboat Springs Housing

The most affordable, convenient, and enriching option for CMC Steamboat Springs students is on-campus housing. If you’re under 21 years old, you’re probably required to live on-campus. See details below.

Since Steamboat Springs is a resort community, finding affordable off-campus housing is a challenge. Knowing where to look, checking listings daily, and being prepared to act fast when an opportunity presents itself will help you secure housing. You'll probably need to find roommates to split the cost if you are eligible to live off-campus.

On-Campus Housing

This is the most popular and most affordable option (often required) for students attending CMC Steamboat Springs. Visit our Residence Life website for complete information: room layouts, costs, meal plans, and much more.

On-campus housing goes very fast! Avoid the wait-list by securing your spot when you submit your housing application.

Off-Campus Housing

If you're under 21 years old, you'll need approval to live off-campus. See Section II of the housing agreement for details. To request approval to live off-campus, fill out the exemption form and wait for approval prior to signing a lease.

If you're eligible to live off-campus, here are some options to begin your search:

General Listings:

Apartment Complexes:

Property Management Companies with Long-Term Rentals:

You may need to make a special trip to the area a few weeks prior to classes starting to view listings and secure a lease. Be prepared to pay first and last month’s rent, as well as a damage deposit. Don’t be surprised if there aren’t many options that allow pets!

Need help finding roommates? Check out our CMC Connect Facebook Groups, our online communities where you can meet current and future CMC students. You might even find someone who has already found a place to rent, looking for roommates.

Note: The College provides the above housing resources as information only and has not independently reviewed the quality, price or other features of any housing alternative listed. CMC does not endorse or rate off-campus housing options. The list of housing facilities on this site is not complete, and there may be additional housing options in the community.

Ski Resort Employee Housing

If you're looking to work while going to school, Steamboat Ski Resort offers an affordable housing option to their employees. Employee housing allows you to live, work, learn, and play in Steamboat Springs, affordably. This is a great option for students returning after their first year at CMC.

Search current openings and view their employee housing page for details.

Finding Roommates

Need help finding roommates? Check out our CMC Connect Facebook Groups, our online communities where you can meet current and future CMC students.

For on-campus housing, you can request a specific roommate on your housing application. If you don’t select a specific roommate by the middle of July (for Fall move-in), we’ll pair you with one based on a number of answers you provide on the housing application. You may also have the opportunity to choose a roommate at orientation.

If you’re living on-campus, you’ll probably have a roommate since singles are rarely available at CMC Steamboat Springs.