Student Activities & Clubs

The Big 3 Student Organizations

The Big 3 refers to our three permanent student organizations. While other clubs may come and go year to year depending on student interest, these groups are a constant of student life at the Steamboat campus.

Student Activities Coordinator

Lexington Gretzky, she/her

Members of the CMC Steamboat Springs Student Government Association.

Student Government Association

Student Government Association (SGA) is the official student governing body at Colorado Mountain College Steamboat Springs. Its main responsibilities are to facilitate student/faculty/staff relations, to ensure that student concerns and needs are resolved and to oversee student clubs and other activities. The Student Government Association ensures that students have a voice in what goes on around campus and represents the Colorado Mountain College Student Body. SGA is also responsible for organizing Casino Night, which takes place annually in the fall semester.

The Student Government Association at CMC Steamboat Springs combines nominated officers and a general student assembly to represent undergraduate students by voicing their concerns, promoting their interests, and advocating for student life on campus.

Serving in student government is a great way to network, develop leadership skills, become active and make a lasting difference at your CMC campus. SGA is active at all three residential campuses: Leadville, Spring Valley, and Steamboat Springs.

SGA Meetings

Students interested in joining SGA may attend any weekly meeting.

The first meeting of the Fall 2024 semester will be Wednesday, August 28 at 11:20am in the Eagle’s Nest on the 3rd floor of the Academic Center.

Members of the CMC Steamboat Springs Student Activities Council.

Student Activities Council

Student Activities Council (SAC) is a group of students who help plan and organize events and activities on campus. Participation in SAC varies from year to year.

Typically, SAC will contribute to planning one large event each semester and one small event each month through the number of events per month varies depending on group size and interest. SAC plans Monster Bingo, which takes place annually in the spring semester.

Exterior facade of the Hill (residence) Hall at CMC Steamboat Springs.

Residence Hall Association

Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a student-run club dedicated to enhancing the collegiate experience for students living in the Hill Hall Residence Hall. This organization gives leadership opportunities to students, implements social programs for all to attend, and completes a hall improvement project each year. All meetings are open to all residents of Hill Hall.

Current Clubs at CMC Steamboat Springs

Club Name Club Advisors Club Advisor Emails
Amnesty International Bob Gumbrecht & Rachel Fritz
Art Club April Gilliland
Basketball Club Patrick Gilliland
Beekeeping Club Tina Evans & Becky Edmiston
Disc Golf Club Chris Wadopian
Engineering Club Joyce Treulieb & Paul McCudden
Flow Club John Saunders
Phi Theta Kappa Debra Arnold & Melissa Valrey-Perez
Residence Hall Association April Gilliland & Fabiola Lopez
Rock Climbing Club John Saunders
Scrub Club Mikaelyn Sullivan
Sky Club Paul McCudden
Student Activities Council Lexi Gretzky
Student Government Association Chris Wadopian
Sustainability Club Tina Evans
Volleyball Club Fabiola Lopez

Starting New Clubs

New clubs are created through the completion of a New Club Registration form (Word Document).  All student clubs and organizations must receive formal recognition by Student Government before funding requests or the use of campus privileges will be considered. A written petition for club status must be given to the legislature and should include the following:

  1. An organizational mission statement documenting the reasons for forming the group and the intended goals of the group.
  2. The name(s) of one or two full-time CMC Steamboat campus-based employee(s) who will act as the official club advisor(s). The advisors' responsibilities shall include:
    1. Regular attendance at all club meetings;
    2. Help facilitate planning and give full approval for all club events;
    3. Provide assistance and advice without dominating decision-making;
    4. Mediate conflicts between members;
    5. Encourage full participation of members;
    6. Advise the club as to CMC policy and channels of communication;
    7. Be available to members when problems arise;
    8. Have an active CMC p-card to make approved club purchases;
    9. Take part in all club funded activities including club events, club meals, club specific relics of affiliation, and club travel;
    10. Keep record of all club fundraising and expenditures.
  3. The names and contact information of at least three (3) officers, including a President, Vice-President, and Secretary.
  4. The signatures of at least twelve (12) eligible students interested in membership in the group.