Faculty and Staff at CMC Vail Valley at Edwards

Vail Valley Faculty

Loes, Timothy

Timothy Loes

Associate Professor of Science/Biology
970-569-2944 | tloes@coloradomtn.edu

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photo: Ted Long

Long, Ted

Ted Long, Ed.D.

Assistant Dean of Instruction
970-569-3309 | trlong@coloradomtn.edu

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photo: Debra Meese

Meese, Debra

Dr. Debra Meese

Adjunct Faculty
970-526-2900 | dmeese@coloradomtn.edu

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photo - Virginia Nicolai

Nicolai, Virginia

Virginia Nicolai

Department Chair, Associate Professor, English as a Second Language
970-569-2973 | vnicolai@coloradomtn.edu

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Liz Qualman

Qualman, Liz

Liz Qualman

Director of Teacher Education
970-376-4667 | equalman@coloradomtn.edu

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Sadler, Kira

Kira L. Sadler, MSc

Adjunct Faculty

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Chris Schierer

Schierer, Chris

Chris Schierer

Associate Professor, Paramedic Program
970-569-2939 | cschierer@coloradomtn.edu

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Bernhard Schrag

Schrag, Bernhard

Bernhard Schrag

Associate Professor Culinary Arts
970-569-2920 | bschrag@coloradomtn.edu

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Seale, Brittney

Brittney Seale, Ed.S.

Assistant Professor, Mathematics
970-569-2900 | blmiller@coloradomtn.edu

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photo: Josh Stepanek

Stepanek, Josh

Josh Stepanek, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Biology
970-569-2977 | jstepanek@coloradomtn.edu

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Vail Valley Staff

Jan Abbott

Abbott, Jan

Jan Abbott, M.Ed.

Access Coordinator
970-569-2975 | jlabbott@coloradomtn.edu

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Blakey, Amy

Amy C. Blakey, Ed.D

Assistant Dean of Instruction
970-569-2930 | ablakey@coloradomtn.edu

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Marc Brennan

Brennan, Marc

Marc Brennan, Ph.D.

Vice President & Campus Dean of CMC Vail Valley
970-569-2913 | mabrennan@coloradomtn.edu

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Carlson, Carol

Carol A. Carlson

Dual Enrollment/CEPA Coordinator
970-569-2934 | ccarlson@coloradomtn.edu

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Kevin Cote

Cote, Kevin

Kevin Cote

Learning Lab Coordinator
970-569-2971 | kcote@coloradomtn.edu

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photo: Kathy DesPortes

Desportes, Kathy

Kathy Desportes

Scholarship Coordinator
970-569-2969 | kdesportes@coloradomtn.edu

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Kristen Green

Green, Kristen

Kristen Green

Marketing & Continuing Education Coordinator
970-569-2907 | kgreen@coloradomtn.edu

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Hauswirth-Cummings, Paula

Paula Hauswirth-Cummings, MS

Assistant Dean of Instruction, Health Sciences and Public Safety Programs
970-569-2922 | pcummings@coloradomtn.edu

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photo: Jeremiah Johnson

Johnson, Jeremiah

Jeremiah Fernandez Johnson, Ed.D

Assistant Dean
970-569-2965 | jjohnson@coloradomtn.edu

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Justine Johnson

Johnson, Justine

Justine Johnson

TRIO SSS Coordinator
970-569-2958 | jjohnson26@coloradomtn.edu

CMC Vail Valley at Edwards
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