Class Type Definitions

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These courses will have a designated class schedule. The designated schedule will have virtual meetings conducted using videoconferencing technology like Webex or Zoom.

Students must have access to technology to attend the course and attend the Webex or Zoom sessions. Some of these courses may have optional face-to-face components such as small group discussion sessions, group projects, or similar.

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These courses – or portions of these courses – cannot be delivered remotely, and will be offered face-to-face at a designated time and location, adhering to enhanced social distancing and safety guidelines. These courses may have parts of the course using video conference technology like Webex or Zoom, but will require a student to be physically present for all or portions of the course.


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Online Anytime

These courses will not require in-person attendance and will not have a designated schedule or videoconferencing time. Students must complete the course and homework in the time frame outlined in the syllabus.