Take free college classes after high school

ASCENT (Accelerating Students through Concurrent Enrollment) allows qualified high school seniors to take a year of college classes tuition free at Colorado Mountain College. Participants remain enrolled in their school district during this year.


A qualified student is eligible for ASCENT if the student:

  • Has completed, or is on schedule to complete, at least 9 credit hours (semester hours or equivalent) of transcripted, credit-bearing, college-level postsecondary coursework prior to completing their 12th grade year. Developmental education college courses do not qualify as part of the 9 required credits.
  • Is college ready, and not in need of developmental coursework in accordance with the pathway in which they enroll.
  • Applies to and is accepted into Colorado Mountain College.
  • Has not been designated an ASCENT program participant in any prior year (students can only participate in ASCENT for 1 academic year).

Some school districts may have their own requirements approving a student’s participation in ASCENT.


Please contact your high school counselor for more information or contact CMC at

More information is available at Colorado Department of Education/ASCENT Student Eligibility.