TREP Program

Interested in becoming a teacher? TREP covers two years of tuition at CMC

The Teacher Recruitment Education and Preparation (TREP) program can pay for your first two years of classes at Colorado Mountain College. Qualified students in an educator career pathway stay enrolled in their school district, and concurrently enroll in college courses for up to two years after the 12th grade year.

A student is eligible for TREP if the student:

  • Is following the teaching career pathway and is on schedule to complete one course in the teacher education pathway their 12th grade year.
  • Is enrolling in the postsecondary courses identified in the teaching career pathway for the fifth and sixth years.
  • Is college ready, and not in need of developmental education coursework in accordance with the education career pathway in which they enroll.
  • Applies to, and is accepted into, Colorado Mountain College.
  • Enters the TREP program in the year immediately following the student’s 4th year of high school.
  • Has been selected for participation by their high school principal or equivalent school administrator based on the above criteria.
  • Upon entry to the TREP program, has not been designated a TREP program participant in any prior year (can only participate in TREP for 2 academic years).
  • Is in good academic standing (minimum Grade Point Average of 2.0 in postsecondary coursework) and remains enrolled in an applicable educator pathway in order to participate in year 2 of the TREP program.


Please contact your high school counselor for more information or contact CMC at