Two-year Course Plan

Use CMC’s Two-year Course Plan for assistance in planning your degree

Look ahead to your classes at CMC. Not every class is offered every semester. You may need to plan out particular classes over the course of your two- or four-year degree. Or, check if the sequence of required classes will work depending upon your starting campus and semester.

Check the CMC Catalog or Student Planning (login required) for your required classes or meet with your advisor. Use the Two-year Course Plan to search for your classes and find:

  • The campuses planning to offer your classes
  • The semesters in which your classes are planned

Please bear in mind:

  • The Two-year Course Plan is a general planning document and is subject to change.
  • Courses are offered in a variety of ways including face-to-face, online, virtual meetings or independent study. Check Student Planning during registration to determine specific course modality and expectations for attendance.
  • Actual course schedules, with days, times and faculty, are published every semester.
Modality Description
Classroom Attend class in-person at schedule times on a CMC campus or location.
Hybrid Experience a combination of in-person scheduled class meetings and remote or online instruction. The percentage of in-person and remote or online varies by course.
Connected Classroom Attend class at scheduled times on a CMC campus in a technology-enabled classroom or through remote technology, or a combination of the two. The instructor may assign specific ways of attending the course.
Remote Realtime Attend class at scheduled times using a designated technology, such as Zoom.
Online Learn entirely online. There is a schedule of coursework with due dates and times.
Independent Study Instruction is conducted one-on-one between the instructor and the student based on a set agreement. Requires prior approval.

Two-year Course Plan