Go2Work Program Provides Help for Parents and Low Income Workforce Students

The Go2Work Program supplies educational, training and employment support

The Go2Work Program is a training and employment program for Garfield County, helping eligible parents to achieve economic and emotional self-sufficiency.  G02Work is a collaboration between the Garfield County Department of Human Services , the Colorado Workforce Center and Colorado Mountain College.

Go2Work serves eligible parents either from the community at large, or from the Colorado Works program run by Garfield County Human Services.  If you are an eligible parent currently receiving TANF (Temporary Aid to Needy Families) benefits from the Department of Human Services or you are a displaced worker please contact us.  Your life may never be the same!

Go2Work helps eligible parents who:

  • Need to get their GED or high school diploma
  • Wish to pursue college-level classes leading to a certificate or degree
  • Need to brush up math, English, or computer skills
  • Have not recently been in the workforce or need training to obtain a job
  • Have medical or other disabilities which are barriers to employment
  • Need help, but are not sure what is available or where to go for help

Through Colorado Mountain College, you may receive career counseling and testing, financial aid information, and student advising regarding occupational certificates and/or associate degree programs. The goal is to establish a career pathway through training and certificates into employment and greater economic sustainability. Other services include but are not limited to: scholarships, career counseling, short-term personal counseling, and/or referrals to other local helping agencies.  We also offer the Link-to-Success program for eligible parents offering four weeks of intensive career, life and job coaching.

What is Link-to-Success?

Our "Link" program is an ongoing "ready for school, ready for work, ready for life" series of classes.  The Link-to-Success program allows clients the ability to participate in activities designed to build self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-reliance; set personal and career goals; and develop parenting skills. The Link curriculum includes:

  • omputer Job Skills lessons
  • Parenting Success lessons
  • Effective communication
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Planning and progress accomplish for personal, career and academic goals
  • Stress management
  • Mock Interview preparation, Virtual Job Shadows and Job Search activities
  • Money management
  • Choosing a child-care provider

Success in career technical education is a primary goal of the Link-to-Success program.  Link to Success classes are currently offered at the CMC West Garfield Campus in Rifle and are offered for participants throughout Garfield County.

Women in Transition Scholarships and Supportive Funds

The Go2Work Program is an educational, training and employment program that helps parents achieve their personal and career goals and can help with the cost of tuition and books and supportive needs for parents meeting certain eligibility requirements. The assistance is limited to areas where funding is provided through local grants and contracts. Please contact the Go2Work Director to see if you qualify?

For information on how to apply for scholarships and supportive funds-Please contact:

Jill Ziemann
Director of the Go2Work Programs

Go2Work Computer Job Skills Workshops:

In collaboration with the School of Transitional Education, Go2Work also provides workshops that are ongoing, free and open to all. Currently, they are offered in Rifle, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale and Basalt. They include assistance with resumes and job search and modularized computer instruction from basic computers, Microsoft Office, graphic design and web design. These are offered in conjunction with the Colorado Workforce Centers and County Health and Human Services for anyone in the community, those currently in the workforce: those considering entering college to update their computer skills and even local seniors wanting to increase their basic computer skills and access social media. To obtain additional information including a schedule for these workshops, please call (970-384-8523) to speak with a facilitator.


Learn how to apply for this scholarship — Please Contact:

Jill Ziemann
Director of the Gateway Program