Meet the ESL Faculty at Colorado Mountain College

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photo - Sharon Aguilar

Aguiar, Sharon

ESL Professor
970-968-5810 | Continue Reading: Aguiar, Sharon

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Bella-Dodds, Allyson

Adjunct Faculty
970-618-1080 | Continue Reading: Bella-Dodds, Allyson

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photo - Kristin Burks

Burks, Kristin

Adjunct Professor
CMC Basalt
970-925-7740 | Continue Reading: Burks, Kristin

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Dunn, Thae

Adjunct Faculty
970-925-7740 | Continue Reading: Dunn, Thae

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photo - Elizabeth Hanke

Hanke, Elizabeth

ESL Adjunct Instructor Continue Reading: Hanke, Elizabeth

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photo - Meredith Kasper

Kasper, Meredith

ESL Instructor – Advanced Level
970-963-2172 | Continue Reading: Kasper, Meredith

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photo - Jenny LeRoux

LeRoux, Jenny

Jenny LeRoux

Professor, Adult Basic Education/Developmental Studies
970-870-4534 |

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photo - Lorraine Miller

Miller, Lorraine

Lorraine Miller

Professor, English as a Second Language
970-236-0426 |

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photo - Virginia Nicolai

Nicolai, Virginia

Virginia Nicolai

Department Chair, Associate Professor, English as a Second Language
970-569-2973 |

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Pollard, Polly

Polly Pollard

ESL adjunct faculty

Continue Reading: Pollard, Polly

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Redmount, Debbie

ESL Instructor Continue Reading: Redmount, Debbie

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photo - Michael Reyelts

Reyelts, Michael

Michael Reyelts

Professor of ESL and Spanish, ESL Department Chair
970-625-6946 |

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photo - Lindsey Thomson

Thomson, Lindsey

ESL and GED Adjunct Faculty Continue Reading: Thomson, Lindsey

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