Fall 2020 Trail Map

Fall 2020 Trail Map

Colorado Mountain College is returning to campus operations with a range of course options

The Fall Trail Guide Training is required for all students taking classes this semester. You will need to complete this training in your first week of class or risk being dropped from your courses. If you have already completed this training for classes that started earlier in the term you do not need to retake the training.

Fall Trail Guide Training / Login Required

With guidance from state and local public health orders, CMC has developed the “Fall 2020 Trail Map.” The COVID-19-ready plan keeps our students, employees, and beloved mountain communities as safe as possible while still offering flexible, in-person and virtual course options.

Fall Classes: Types of Courses

CMC will offer three categories of courses during the fall 2020 term.

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These courses will have designated class schedule times conducted using videoconferencing technology like Webex/Zoom. Flex courses may also have optional face-to-face components.

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Online Anytime

These courses will not require in-person attendance and will not have a designated schedule or videoconferencing time. Students must complete the coursework in the time frame outlined in the syllabus.

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These courses cannot be delivered remotely, and will be offered face-to-face adhering to enhanced social distancing and safety guidelines. In-Person courses may also have parts of the course using Webex/Zoom.

How to Prepare for Class

As the start of the fall semester approaches, the college will share information about specific local and campus requirements for social distancing, face coverings/masks, and other considerations. In the meantime, current and prospective students are asked to familiarize themselves with the latest information from the CDC.

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Join Us in these Five Commitments to Containment

Until there is broad-based immunity or a vaccine for COVID-19, the virus will be present among us.  So, to minimize risk and prevent spread on campus or within our beloved mountain communities, it will take individual and shared responsibility. Please join us in making these five commitments:

I will maintain 6-feet of physical distance.
I will maintain 6-feet of physical distance.
wash hands
I will wash my hands often.
face mask
I will cover my face in public.
stay home if at risk or sick
I will stay at home if I am at risk or when I am sick.
seek testing for COVID-19
I will seek testing immediately if I have symptoms.

Together we can keep CMC and our mountain towns safer and healthier.

Residence Halls

CMC intends to open, with reduced capacity, its residence halls at its Steamboat Springs, Spring Valley and Leadville campuses.

As much as we want campus life to return to normal, we know that we need to adjust to what college life means during a pandemic. Please continue to monitor your CMC email address for additional information, upcoming meetings & documents that will need to be completed.

Academic Affairs is working diligently to deliver classes in a variety of formats to meet health & safety goals. There are several programs that will deliver the coursework fully online and others that will require in person attendance. We encourage you to review your class schedule to determine if living on campus is the right choice for you based on your fall semester selections.

If state or local government &/or CMC Leadership prohibits the residence hall from opening, we will contact you immediately.  Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you in August. We hope you are enjoying your summer!


The Residence Life Team at Spring Valley, Steamboat Springs & Leadville


For students already registered for fall, what communication will they receive about the format of the course changing?

Student Affairs will reach out to all enrolled students in fall courses to communicate any modality changes to their fall courses.

How will CMC handle CEPA Courses?

Each campus will need to wait on the decision of their local school district(s). CEPA courses will be offered in one of the three options described above, but which option best reflects the CEPA environment will need to wait until the school districts communicate their intentions.

Are digital books required?

The textbook adopted for the fall is the textbook chosen for the course. If faculty chose a physical text, there is no mandate that this become a digital text for the fall. If a digital text was chosen, that text will remain a digital text for the fall.

What if students do not have reliable internet?

The CMC Foundation has a Technology Today fund that can support students needing internet access and loaner laptops. Campuses will be open as well, where students may access the technology needed for their Flex course.

What should be done if it is known that someone (student, faculty, or staff) has tested positive for COVID-19? Is there a protocol to follow?

Quarantine and contact tracing guidelines established by the CDC and CDPHE apply. Adherence to these guidelines will be required and updated by addendums to the res hall contracts and student code of conduct.

Students taking courses in person who find themselves required to quarantine will need to work with their faculty (and campus if applicable) for appropriate accommodations.

Can students meet virtually to figure out what courses they need and if In-Person classes are an option? If classes are only Online-Anytime [some students] may not want to live in the residence hall.

Yes we offer virtual advising appointments through phone or WebEx.

As for the classes, this will depend on the campus she/he would like to attend and her/his degree program. These two areas will have an impact on if the classes are Flex, Distance, or In-person.

Our recommendation is to contact a Counselor/Advisor at the CMC Campus and set up that first advising appointment.

Will there be adjustments to the cost of the meal plan since the offerings will substantially change?

There will not be any adjustment to the board rate, though our costs have increased due to COVID-19.

Here are the current Meal Plans for 2020/21.