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You can create a lasting legacy of quality education

The CMC Foundation is committed to providing access and success to CMC students while they are working to accomplish their educational goals and move toward their careers. Creating an endowed scholarship is one of the most important and rewarding things you can do to help us help students.

For information on how to create your own endowed scholarship, please contact:

Kristin Heath Colon, CMC Foundation CEO

By investing in higher education, you help build the workforce of our CMC communities.

Colorado Mountain College is focused on providing high-quality, affordable education specifically designed to meet the needs of our campus communities. Many of our local heroes -- nurses, EMT's, firefighters, police officers and educators -- have received their education at CMC.

Creating an endowed scholarship is an amazing way for you to create a lasting family or personal legacy and help sustain the future of Colorado Mountain College. As debt burdens increase and public support decreases, philanthropic aid is a critical source for keeping our college affordable.

With the help of donors like you, the CMC Foundation, like the college, can rise to meet the needs of our community.

How they work:

  • Endowments are established with a minimum donation of $50,000.
  • You can designate the CMC program to which funds will be allocated.
  • Once funded, the endowment is invested, allowing time to earn initial interest.
  • Each year, thereafter, a percentage of your interest is used to fund your designated program, the rest of the interest earned is then reinvested to increase the overall amount of your endowment.
  • Endowments can be funded by a cash gift, securities, charitable trust, IRA distribution, retirement account, insurance policy or an estate gift.
  • Your scholarship can be named after you, your family, your business or in memory/honor of a loved one.


Q Can I add to my endowment once it is established?
A You can add any amount at any time. Additionally, you can designate funds to your endowment from your estate.

Q Is my endowment kept in an individual account or is it pooled with others?
A To maximize earnings, endowments are pooled, but each individual endowment is tracked and reported on separately.

Q How will I know what is happening with my endowment after it is established?
A You will receive an annual Donor Market Value letter outlining the current market value, how your funds were used, or in the case of scholarships, how much was awarded and to whom (this is not currently in place, and I don't know what it will be called, but plans are being made per KT).