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Students lack the tech resources they need to pursue their degrees

Now that online classes are the only option, some CMC students don't have the hardware or connectivity they need to succeed. The CMC Foundation's Technology Today Fund is making sure this is an easy barrier to overcome.

Student studies on his laptop in the library at CMC Steamboat Springs

Doing class work via cell phone, in a parking lot to access free wi-fi, does not set students up for success. And yet for many CMC students, this is their current reality.

In our current all-online world, many of our students are falling behind without adequate access to a laptop or internet.

Through an initial grant, we were able to secure 30 of the 90 loaner laptops that were identified as an immediate need for CMC students. With only a month left in the semester, time was of the essence. As a result, the CMC Foundation has given an “IOU” to the college's IT department of $42,000 for the remaining laptops to be purchased; NOW, while we work to raise the funds.

Will you help us fulfill our pledge for student laptops with a gift to our Technology Today Fund?

Each lap top is $677, purchased at a discount rate and fully loaded with all necessary software for student success.

We will also support students gain internet access through this fund, and are able to support qualifying students for only $10/month.


We welcome gifts of any size! Contribute $10, or $10,000, $6.77 or $677! Or anywhere in between.


Q Can I donate my old laptop? I'm not using it anymore.
A Unfortunately, not now. Our IT department is spending 110% of their effort moving all college activity to an online format during COVID 19 and does not have the capacity to refurbish computers at this time.

Q Are additional computers needed beyond the 60 on order?
A Yes. For the upcoming Summer semester, CMC is waiving tuition, books and fees for most students and displaced workers in our communities. We are anticipating an increase in enrollment, which correlates to an increase in need. To learn more about CMC's Responds, visit

Q Do students get to keep the laptops?
A No. Each campus maintains a small inventory of laptops that can be loaned to students for use while classes are being held.

Q Where will these extra computers go once in-person classes resume?
A Students have a need for computers even when classes are taught in-person. Our students are resourceful -- they know how to work with what is available to them, but composing a paper on a smart phone is not ideal!