Colorado Mountain College

  • Degrees offered

    7 Bachelor’s • 54 Associate • 77 Certificate
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  • Most Affordable

    Bachelor’s degree in Colorado

  • Student/teacher ratio

    College-wide: 13 to 1

  • Number of Students

    Attending annually: 18,000

  • Average Age

    Full-time student: 24 years of age
    Part-time student: 38 years of age

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Residential Campuses

Spring Valley at Glenwood Springs
Steamboat Springs

Commuter Campuses

Breckenridge & Dillon
Glenwood Springs
Vail Valley at Edwards

Affordable college. It’s a thing.

If you’re like most students or parents, you worry about the burden of student loan debt. Colorado Mountain College’s commitment to affordable, high-quality education helps you graduate with less debt.

Our bachelor’s degree tuition is one of the lowest in the country and the lowest in Colorado. That means you’ll take on an average of $8,000 less in student loans – among the lowest student debt burdens in Colorado. And that means when you graduate, you won’t be crushed by debt just as you’re starting your career.

map thumbnail: CMC District

In-district Tuition

$2,850/year *

Associate & Bachelor's **

graphic - CMC in-state map

In-state Tuition

$5,850/year *

Associate & Bachelor's **

graphic - CMC out of state map

Out-of-state Tuition

$14,400/year *

Associate & Bachelor's **

* Tuition for two semesters, 15 credit-hours each.
** Nursing and Education tuition rates are higher.

Degree Programs and Majors

Bachelor of Applied Science in Leadership and Management (BAS)
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
Bachelor of Science in Ecosystem Science & Stewardship (BS)
Bachelor of Arts in Education (BA)
Bachelor of Arts in Human Services (BA)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies (BASS)

Graduate Success

Dr. William Mundo

William Mundo / Much more than a number

William Mundo overcame great odds growing up in Leadville, including a rocky start to his school years, to become an emergency room doctor. He credits his experience at CMC for helping him succeed.

Growing up, Will dreamed of becoming a doctor. He watched as a child while his father helped family and friends with traditional healing practices that were passed down through many generations. Will’s father primarily helped people who were undocumented and couldn’t go to a hospital for aid.

Despite his interest in medicine, Will struggled with his classes in high school and got into trouble. Distraught and confused, Will turned to Colorado Mountain College for help.

He found renewed hope when CMC assistant professor Kelli McCall and Upward Bound coordinator Allen Burch introduced him to concurrent enrollment classes through CMC. There, Will reignited his academic passion after taking courses needed for medical school.

Will excelled during his time at CMC. He graduated from high school with honors, completing 55 college credits at CMC and working a lifeguard job simultaneously. “I never enjoyed school until I found what I really loved, science and medicine,” Will said.

Once Will finished his prerequisites and earned an associate of science at CMC, he transferred to CU Denver where he earned his medical degree and a master’s in public health.

Will is currently an emergency room doctor at Denver Health Medical Center and is focused on healthcare equity for undocumented immigrants.

“CMC was there for me during one of the lowest points of my life. They saw that I was more than just a number or statistic and gave me the opportunity to turn my life around.”