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Digital Media Degree Program Delivers Skills Quickly, Affordably

Specialize your skills in Digital Production or Marketing

Students looking for the best digital media programs will get on the fast track to a career with a degree from the Isaacson School for Communication, Arts & Media at Colorado Mountain College.

Career Options

The Isaacson School provides a wide selection of the latest digital tools, teachers with industry experience, and internships that can jump start your future with skills in:

  • Video Production
  • Audio Production
  • Virtual Reality
  • Animation
  • Multimedia
  • Digital Imaging

Degree Track Options

Digital Marketing Track  Learn how marketing uses digital media to influence perception and promote business. Use electives to delve into multimedia, web, photography, video, audio and more.

Digital Production Track  Dig deep into Multimedia Design/Production and learn Sound Design/Production. This track gives you the tools to become an audio/visual expert with the skills to bring multi-media content and stories to life.

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Degree type Associate of Applied Science degree in Digital Media


Program Specific Courses 40 Credit Hours

PHO 120 - Fundamentals of Photography 3.0 Credits
MGD 104 - Videography I 3.0 Credits
MGD 116 - Typography I 3.0 Credits
MGD 106 - Creativity and Visual Thinking 3.0 Credits
MGD 156 - Emergent Media Practices 3.0 Credits
MGD 163 - Sound Design I 3.0 Credits
MGD 124 - Technology Proficiency Lab 1.0-6.0 Credits (1 credit required)
MGD 204 - Videography II 3.0 Credits
MGD 248 - Computational Media 3.0 Credits
MGD 250 - Emerging Multimedia Technologies 3.0 Credits
MGD 254 - Multimedia Design & Production I 3.0 Credits
MGD 268 - Business for Creatives 3.0 Credits
MGD 280 - Internship 1.0 - 3.0 Credits (3 credits required)
MGD 227 - Marcomm Practices 3.0 Credits
MGD 289 - Capstone 3.0 Credits

Degree Tracks 9 Credit Hours

Digital Production Track

JOU 121 - Photojournalism 3.0 Credits
MGD 125 - 3D Modeling for Gaming: Software 3.0 Credits
MGD 163 - Sound Design I 3.0 Credits

Digital Marketing Track

BUS 120 - Introduction to E-Commerce 3.0 Credits
BUS 216 - Legal Environment of Business 3.0 Credits
Advised electives 3.0 Credits, Choose from these prefixes:


The Digital Media is offered at:

  • Glenwood Springs
  • Spring Valley at Glenwood Springs

If you live closer to a campus that is not listed above, you may be able to take some classes locally. Contact your campus for more information.


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In-district Tuition

$100/credit-hour $3,000/year
Associate & Bachelor

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In-state Tuition

$200/credit-hour $6,000/year
Associate & Bachelor

Out-of-state Tuition

$510/credit-hour $15,300/year
Associate & Bachelor

Annual tuition is for two semesters, 15 credit-hours each. Nursing and Education Bachelor degree tuition rates are higher.

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