Mountain Education, Global Action

Choose a path forward with science or social change

Whether you want to study the science of stream ecology and forestry, or pursue a career in environmental activism and climate change adaptation, take full advantage of CMC’s Rocky Mountain classrooms as you pursue one of two environmentally-focused bachelor’s degrees.

Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies

Prepare for a career in fields including energy policy, environmental education, sustainable foods, government, and graduate school.

Bachelor of Science in Ecosystem Science & Stewardship

This science-based degree prepares students for careers like environmental scientist, forester, hydrologist, wildlife biologist, and beyond.

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Sustainability Studies BA

SUS 300 - Foundations of Sustainability
SUS 301 - Systems Thinking & Sustainability
SUS 310 - Ecology & Sustainability
SUS 311 - Integrated Sustainability Science
SUS 320 - Literature for Change
SUS 321 - Leadership, Ethics, & Social Responsibility
SUS 330 - Sustainable Economics
SUS 331 - Cultural & Place-Based Equity
SUS 410 - Conservation Biology
SUS 416 - Careers & Professional Skills in Sustainability 2.0 Credits
SUS 420 - Writing for Sustainability
SUS 421 - Fostering Sustainable Behaviors
SUS 430 - Sustainable Business
SUS 431 - Social Entrepreneurship
SUS 450 - Sustainability Assessment and Reporting
SUS 489 - Sustainability Capstone

Suggested Upper-division Sustainability Courses

SUS 322 - Foodshed Sustainability
SUS 325 - Energy Systems & Sustainability
SUS 340 - Environmental Chemistry
SUS 341 - Sustainable Agriculture
SUS 346 - Creative Sustainability
SUS 350 - Permaculture Design I
SUS 351 - Permaculture Design II
SUS 375 - Special Topics in Sustainability
SUS 387 - Internship I
SUS 391 - Field Experience in Sustainability
SUS 440 - Watershed Science & Land Use Impacts

SEE COMPLETE Sustainability Studies CURRICULUM

The Sustainability Studies (BA) is offered at:

Breckenridge: Mostly in-person,
Spring Valley: Mostly in-person,
Steamboat Springs: In-person & virtual,
Vail Valley at Edwards: In-person & virtual


Ecosystem Science & Stewardship BS

ESS-3000 Foundations of Ecosystem Science
GIS-1000/3010 Geographic Info. Science
ESS-/SUS-3100 Ecology
ESS-3200 Evolutionary Biology
ESS-3300 Plant & Vegetation Ecology
ESS-3400 Wildlife & Fisheries Biology
ESS-3500 Biostatistics & Quantitative Reasoning
ESS-/SUS-4100 Conservation Biology
ESS-4200 Soil Ecosystem Dynamics
ESS-4300 Managing Ecosystems I: Law, Policy & Practice
ESS-4310 Managing Ecosystems II: Ecological Restoration & Monitoring
ESS-/SUS-4400 Watershed Science
ESS-4500 Climate, Disturbance & Global Change
ESS-/SUS-4890 Capstone Research

SEE COMPLETE Ecosystem Science & Stewardship CURRICULUM

The Ecosystems Science & Stewardship (BS) is offered at:

Breckenridge: Mostly in-person,
Leadville: Mostly in-person,
Spring Valley: Mostly in-person,
Steamboat Springs: Mostly in-person,
Vail Valley at Edwards: Mostly in-person


Tuition & Costs for 2024 - 2025 Academic Year

In-district Tuition

Associate & Bachelor's

• BS Nursing
• AAS Dental Hygiene

In-state Tuition

Associate & Bachelor's

• BS Nursing
• AAS Dental Hygiene

Out-of-state Tuition

Associate & Bachelor's

• BS Nursing
• AAS Dental Hygiene