Online Learning Quick Start

Online Learning Quick Start Make your spring semester more efficient and successful with these helpful tips and resources Online course tips Get ready for the first day! Did you know all courses will have an introductory assignment due in the first couple of days of class? If you don’t complete this assignment you are considered a “No-Show” and may be dropped from the class. Read the syllabus! This is where all the important information for your courses is explained. The syllabus is your guide to success. Your syllabus can be found in Canvas. Helpful Canvas videos can be found below. Plan ahead. Map out the due dates for assignments, quizzes and tests. This will help you manage your time. Manage your time! Did you know that the average 3 credit class requires about 6-9 hours of work per week? Make a schedule and stay on track to success. Does your class have set meeting times? Flex courses have online lectures and set meeting times. Check your schedule. You have to attend these live sessions. Check your CMC email. At CMC we have to use your school issued email for important communications. Find help! Contact your instructor if you need help. They want to see you succeed. There is also a link to important contacts on this page. Use the support that is available for you. Important Dates to Know There are important deadlines during the semester that students should know. Missing these deadlines can have lasting impacts on your academic record. These dates can be found in the course syllabus. Spring 2021 term dates are January 18 to May 7 The spring term is 16 weeks. Never Attended reporting date is in the syllabus Failure to meet the attendance and participation requirements for the course may result in getting dropped… Read more: Online Learning Quick Start