Arts, Digital Media & Communications

Channel your talents into a gratifying career in arts & digital media

Get behind the camera with the TV production team at the X Games. Design advertising campaigns for your favorite outdoor brands. Go on a photojournalism assignment for an award-winning publication.

The Arts, Digital Media & Communications pathway at Colorado Mountain College encompasses a wide range of disciplines from art history and theatre to graphic design and photography. A comprehensive combination of quality education, technical skills, and hands-on training gives students a competitive edge in a dynamic job market.

The Isaacson School for Communications, Arts & Media

The Isaacson School presents accessible, affordable education and retraining for students preparing for careers in the evolving digital landscape. Named for Walter Isaacson, an American author, journalist and international thought leader, the Isaacson School emphasizes developing a foundation of core skills in digital technology, social media, communication and story-telling.

Analyze history and interpret culture through the lens of visual art with a strong liberal arts foundation. Save money by earning an Associate Degree with an emphasis in Art History and transfer with ease to a Colorado public institution.

Innovation relies on communication. Cultivate universal problem solving and analytical skills with a competitive edge in today’s dynamic job market. Complete an Associate of Arts with an emphasis in Communication at Colorado Mountain College and turn your ideas into action.

Cultivate your creative talents for career or personal interest with an individualized creative arts curriculum. Explore media and receive additional training through an optional art internship with a local arts organization.

Isaacson School

Access the latest digital tools, instructors with professional experience and internship opportunities that will activate your future in digital media. Find your voice and make industry connections while developing in-demand skills in digital marketing or digital production.

Isaacson School

Position yourself for an exciting career in today’s modern design world. The Graphic Design program at the Isaacson School blends design, videography, and emergent media courses to curate a highly desirable collection of graphic design skills.

Isaacson School

Prepare to join the modern media landscape in three areas of focus – content creation, communication, and marketing - developing a mastery of the digital communication skills necessary for success in today’s digital culture.

Isaacson School

Tell stories through your lens while sharpening technical skills and aesthetic concepts. Learn from accomplished professional photographers while harnessing creative inspiration from the surrounding landscapes and collaborative digital media environment.

From stained glass to sculpture, explore a variety of artistic disciplines with a liberal arts foundation. Customize the curriculum with more than 50 elective and required ART classes while earning an Associate of Arts Degree with an emphasis in Studio Art.

Immerse yourself in all aspects of theatre. Learn techniques in production, lighting, set design and acting while showcasing several performances each year. CMC offers two certificates:

  • Advanced Theatre & Event Production Certificate
  • Theatre & Event Production Basics (COC)