Environment & Sustainability

Channel your passion for sustainability into a career in environmental advocacy

Colorado Mountain College environment and sustainability graduates are changing the world. They work for local, state and government agencies to manage environmental issues. Some are consultants, analyzing the impact of erosion from mining activity on public lands. Others work for agencies, like the USDA Forest Service, as plant pathologists, forestry technicians, rangers, and resource managers. Discover a world of career opportunities in the green economy.

Learn from the Landscape

Riverbanks, mountainsides, and forest floors are your classroom. Wade into streams to monitor fish populations for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Test water quality for the EPA. Hike into remote, high-alpine meadows to analyze wetlands for conservation efforts. Experiential learning brings lessons to life, while students gain practical skills and expand their professional network.

Learn from the landscape while gaining an understanding of inter-relationships in our ecological communities. Experiential learning connects your coursework to real-world projects and internship opportunities through the Field Experience Lab while building your resume. Earn a ESS Bachelor of Science or an Associate of Science with an emphasis in Ecosystem Science and Management.

Get a front row seat to understanding the effects of national and regional policies on local mountain communities. The curriculum is grounded in the three pillars of sustainability (equity, environmental, and economic) and students can specialize in environmental policy, environmental education or sustainability studies while earning an Associate of Arts with an emphasis in Environmental Studies.

Ecologically diverse mountain classrooms bring environmental science to life. Collect environmental data, formulate reports and understand how humans impact the environment. Earn an Associate of Science with an emphasis in Environmental Science, the primary pathway to the Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies at CMC.

Learn mapping and spatial analysis skills with geospatial software training. Work with community partners from local, state, and federal organizations on real-world projects to build your personal GIS portfolio and get started in a GIS career.

Design edible landscapes, compost systems and sustainable gardens. Learn how to promote the long-term health and integrity of nature and culture with a Permaculture Design certificate from Colorado Mountain College.

For those who already hold a bachelor’s degree, CMC offers 15 (or more) credits of Sustainability courses. Develop your understanding of practical sustainability concepts and strategies. Show on your resume and by your skills you are prepared to lead businesses, organizations and government agencies to meaningful solutions.

Approach today’s challenges with sustainable solutions for tomorrow. Examine the environment impact of business, personal and institutional decisions with courses in watershed science, permaculture, sustainable business, ecology and more. Engage with our community partners while working on real-world projects alongside local and government agencies.