photo - careers in science - science teacher in biology labCareers in Science

CMC's Associate of  Science degree program can lead to many career opportunities

Today's world offers many career opportunities in science. Demand is high for scientifically trained workers in high technology, mathematics and physical, natural or computer science.

Business and industry leaders are calling for more employees with a background in the sciences. To stay competitive in the world market, businesses depend on engineers, mathematicians, chemists, computer analysts and researchers. Our Associate of Science degree program helps meet this need.

Science teachers are also in high demand. The U.S. Department of Education has made science education a priority. Worldwide, there is a continual need for doctors, nurses and lab technicians.

As environmental concerns continue, more positions are opening for knowledgeable people who can help keep our water, air and land clean.

Colorado Mountain College science graduates are working as aerospace engineers, researchers, computer systems analysts, civil engineers, high school teachers, university professors, geologists, chiropractors, physicians and nurses.