Avalanche Science Curriculum

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Learning Outcomes for the Avalanche Science Program

Our learning outcomes are based on real-world industry standards of what a Avalanche Science graduate should know and be able to do. These are integrated into our avalanche course curriculum. Our goal is preparing you for a successful career in snow and avalanche safety, forecasting, guiding and patrolling or related work.

  • Core Knowledge and Skills: Students will possess college-level knowledge emphasizing communication, math, science, and critical thinking as well as basic mechanical skills and tool use.
  • Field Observations: Students will be able to make high-quality, field-based observations of snow, weather, and avalanches.
  • Safe Travel: Students will understand and practice safe, efficient winter travel and travel in avalanche terrain.
  • Rescue and First Aid: Students will be able to conduct a small-group avalanche rescue and participate in a team rescue, including victim care and transport.
  • Leadership: Students will develop a range of leadership skills and abilities such as self-reliance, group management, and professionalism.
  • Snow Science: Students will understand fundamental snow, weather, and avalanche principles and processes.
  • Forecasting: Students will understand and be able to apply the forecasting process.
  • Operations: Students will be able to implement a range of operational avalanche planning and mitigation activities.
  • Risk Management: Students will demonstrate knowledge and implementation of risk management techniques including risk identification, assessment, management, mitigation, and communication.