Expert Instructors, Real-World Lessons

CMC Faculty Partner with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center

Highly regarded industry experts developed the Avalanche Science program. Their invaluable experience in the nation’s most active snow sports region shaped the curriculum. This expertise is available to you through CMC’s partnerships with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, nearby ski areas, and leading industry professionals who will teach you both in the classroom and on the mountain slopes.

During your field internship, you’ll have the opportunity to monitor, track and measure mountain snowpack over two full winters and observe how snow behaves in various weather conditions.

Hands-on learning activities include:

  • Performing high-altitude fieldwork in the Rocky Mountains
  • Observing snow behavior at CMC’s on-campus snow study plot
  • Tracking data from two remote-sensing weather stations: one on campus and one in the nearby Sawatch Range
  • Using state-of-the-art equipment in daily lessons
  • Meeting in “smart” classrooms that deliver the latest technology
  • Learning in hybrid classes that combine online and on-site education to fit the schedules of working students
  • Access to a regional forecasting office and personnel
Jeremy Deem

Deem, Jeremy

Dr. Jeremy Deem

Associate Professor
970-989-1339 |
Pronouns: He/Him

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Ethan Greene

Greene, Ethan

Dr. Ethan Greene

Instructor, Avalanche Science; Director, Colorado Avalanche Information Center
719-486-2015 |

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Brian Lazar

Lazar, Brian

Brian Lazar

Instructor, Avalanche Science; Deputy Director, Colorado Avalanche Information Center
719-486-2015 |

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