Curriculum for Bachelor of Applied Science

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Bachelor of Applied Science Program Outcomes

Managing people, managing ideas

The Colorado Mountain College Bachelor of Applied Science degree is designed to meet the following outcomes.

  1. Develop leadership, management and supervision strategies for public or private business and industry.
  2. Apply career development strategies and progress into management-level positions.
  3. Develop effective verbal and written communication skills through industry-based projects and assignments.
  4. Use critical thinking skills and practical knowledge to gain an understanding of how ethical knowledge and decision making are applied in a management setting.
  5. Apply human relations skills and personnel direction/management.
  6. Provide foundational skills to assist businesses navigating local and national organizational growth.
  7. “Practice or Employ” sound fiscal management.


The Bachelors of Applied Science (BAS) in Leadership and Management is designed to prepare individuals as managerial and supervisory personnel in a variety of professions. The program provides a career and educational pathway for students who have earned an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in a career or technical field from an accredited school. Upper division course work delivers management, supervision and leadership skills to build upon the AAS technical specialties and general education courses.

Goals of the Bachelor of Applied Science

  1. Increase opportunities for current students and graduates of AAS degrees in the CMC district and across the state, to attain management-level responsibilities and earn higher lifelong wages through baccalaureate-level training and education.
  2. Produce individuals with bachelor’s level supervisory and managerial skills to enhance the occupational/technical preparation provided by their associate degree programs to prepare students for supervisory and management opportunities within their technical field.
  3. Provide a rigorous, innovative curriculum that encompasses upper-division professional coursework and general education classes to fine-tune important skills including public speaking, communication, critical thinking, conflict resolution, financial accounting, project management, collaboration, workplace diversity, business management, public administration and organizational problem solving.
  4. Provide opportunities for students holding an Associate of Applied Science degree to complete a bachelor’s degree in a reasonable amount of time.
  5. Gain practical experience that combines the AAS degrees technical skills with upper division course work through a Capstone project.