Bachelor of Arts in Education Faculty

Berry, Trisha

Trisha Berry

Adjunct Professor
970-398-1215 |
Pronouns: She/Her

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Leticia Burbano de Lara

Burbano de Lara, Leticia

Dr. Leticia Burbano de Lara

970-947-8493 |
Pronouns: She/Her/Ella

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Kimberly Carmitchel

Carmitchel, Kimberly

Kimberly Carmitchel, MA

Professor, Psychology
970-618-7216 |

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Brooke Carson

Carson, Brooke

Dr. Brooke Carson

Associate Professor, Teacher Education
970-968-5927 |
Pronouns: She/Her

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Ally Duncan

Duncan, Ally

Ally Duncan

Field Supervisor

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Ashley Girodo

Girodo , Ashley

Ashley Girodo

Adjunct Faculty
Pronouns: She/Her

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Todd Huck

Huck, Todd

Todd David Huck

Student Teacher Field Supervisor, Adjunct Faculty

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Jenny Krentz

Krentz, Jenny

Jenny Krentz, PhD

Instructor of Teacher Education and Field Supervisor
Pronouns: She/Her

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Kalie McHaffie

McHaffie, Kalie

Kalie McHaffie, M.Ed.

Adjunct Professor, Lead Mentor
Pronouns: She/Her

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Ginger Morse

Morse , Ginger

Ginger Morse, M.Ed., NBCT

Bilingual Adjunct Professor

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Virginia Nicolai

Nicolai, Virginia

Virginia Nicolai, MA

Professor, English as a Second Language
970-569-2973 |

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Liz Qualman

Qualman, Liz

Liz Qualman, Ed.D

Director of Teacher Education
970-376-4667 |

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Allison Reigel

Reigel, Allison

Allison Reigel

Adjunct Faculty

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Autumn Rivera

Rivera, Autumn

Autumn Rivera

Adjunct Professor
Pronouns: She/Her

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Miguel Salinas

Salinas, Miguel Donald

Dr. Miguel Donald Salinas

Associate Professor of Teacher Education
970-569-2933 |
Pronouns: He/Him/Él

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Becky Salverson

Salverson, Rebecca

Rebecca (Becky) Salverson

Adjunct Faculty, Field Supervisor in Teacher Education

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Brittney Seale

Seale, Brittney

Brittney Seale, Ed.S.

Associate Professor, Mathematics
970-569-2900 |
Pronouns: She/Her

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Elia Tankersley

Tankersley, Elia

Elia Tankersley, M.Ed.

Program Coordinator of Teacher Education, Adjunct Faculty
970-384-8621 |
Pronouns: She/Her

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Julie Walpole

Walpole, Julie

Julie Walpole

Adjunct Faculty
Pronouns: She/Her

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Joanne Yantz

Yantz, Joanne

Joanne Yantz

Adjunct Faculty

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