Digital Media Careers: A Large and Growing Field

New media skills are in demand — in Colorado and around the world

Would you like to tweet, blog or post for a living? Do you have your eye on a job as a social media or search engine optimization (SEO) expert? Have you ever wished you could direct videos or design websites?

Careers in new media are growing fast. Down the street, across the nation and around the world, employers are seeking skilled digital media writers, marketers, designers and producers to help them get the word out in a crowded communications marketplace.

Help wanted: business is growing in new media

Position Projected Growth/2024
Electronic commerce specialists and online merchants +5% to 8%
Web developers +14% or higher
Film and video editors +14% or higher
Audio and video equipment technicians +9% to 13%
Multimedia artists +5% to 8%
Public relations specialists +5% to 8%

Source: O*Net Online, the nation's primary source of occupational information, sponsored by US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration,

Get a job

Employees with digital media skills will be in high demand as the industry continues to expand. But you need specialized training to get these jobs: By 2018, 91% of information services and related electronic communications jobs are projected to require at least some postsecondary education.

Train for a career in digital media at CMC.

Colorado Mountain College's Digital Media program is designed to help you gain the real-world skills that employers seek.

Through the Digital Media program, you can pursue careers in...

Digital Journalism Build the skills you need to share news and knowledge for a career in:

  • Online content development
  • Audio/video editing
  • Public relations and communications

Digital Media Production Learn to create dynamic content for a career in:

  • Digital media production
  • Digital audio/video engineering
  • Digital media integration

Digital Marketing Develop expertise on connecting with the marketplace for a career in:

  • Web design
  • New media sales
  • Internet marketing

Get ready for these new media careers

At Colorado Mountain College's Isaacson School, you can prepare for a career as a:

    • Social media specialist or manager
    • Public relations, marketing or advertising professional
    • Search marketing specialist
    • Multimedia developer or designer
    • Visual journalist
    • Digital entrepreneur or consultant
    • Content strategy specialist, manager, strategist
    • Content developer
    • Content marketing
    • Editor
    • Digital production
    • Digital content creator or manager
Photo: Isaacson school students on location