Digital Media Curriculum Designed to Meet Real-World Demands

Earn a digital media degree, a certificate or take courses as needed

With direct input from businesses and media outlets, the Isaacson School of New Media programs at Colorado Mountain College are designed to meet market needs. Combined with CMC's personalized instruction and high academic standards, this program will teach you the latest principles and current, "best-practice" skills.

The Digital Media AAS degree is a four-semester, two-year program with a required core of general education and two specialized tracks:

  • Digital Media Production Track
  • Digital Marketing Track

Digital Media AAS Degree and Tracks

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Digital Media Certificates of Proficiency

Upgrade your career with the latest skills in digital marketing and communications. Add a credential to your resume and a practical set of digital media skills to your career. A two-semester Certificate of Proficiency is available for each track:

  • Digital Production Certificate
  • Digital Marketing Certificate

Add a Bachelor of Applied Science to this Degree

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