Curriculum for Ecosystem Science & Stewardship Emphasis

The Ecosystem Science & Stewardship emphasis is an Associate of Science degree designed to transfer with a junior standing to a bachelor’s program at either CMC or another 4-year college or university. The curriculum focuses on foundational course work with integrated real-world and experiential learning. Students are strongly advised to follow the guided course pathway, as it will help them succeed with degree completion in two years.

Students must demonstrate college-level proficiency in composition, reading, and mathematics as prerequisites for courses within this program. Skills in these areas may affect the sequence of courses in which students can enroll and may also extend the time required to complete this program. For more details, please see Academic Placement and Testing.

Successful students will earn an Associate of Science Degree with emphasis in Ecosystem Science & Stewardship. The Leadville Campus Scholarship may be available to assist students. For application information, see Scholarships.

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