Ecosystems Science & Stewardship (BS)

A CMC student interning with the U.S. Forest Service measures a tree circumferenc

Bachelor of Science in Ecosystem Science & Stewardship

Help solve some of our planet’s most pressing challenges through science and stewardship

Our natural resources and beloved mountain ecosystems need your help. Learn how to conserve, restore, and sustainably manage ecosystems in our unmatched campus locations, surrounded by some of the country’s most iconic protected lands.

The Bachelor of Science in Ecosystem Science & Stewardship gives you hands-on experience with expert faculty deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains as you train in the science and practice of mountain ecosystem stewardship. This degree prepares you for in-demand careers such as ecologists, foresters, hydrologists, wildlife biologists, and much more.

This program will require you to integrate multiple scales of scientific inquiry, identify and engage diverse stakeholders, and translate scientific knowledge to action. Join us in our western mountains, waters, and forests, and experience firsthand the trade-offs between biodiversity conservation and human well-being in one of our regions' most ecologically important and fastest growing wildland-urban interfaces.

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