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Minehart, Kira

Kira Minehart

Assistant Professor of Geographic Information Systems and Field Science
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Headshot of Kira Minehart, Assistant Professor of GIS and Field Science at Colorado Mountain College Leadville


  • B.S. Earth Systems with a Minor in Science Communication (Stanford University, 2016)
  • M.S. Earth Systems (Stanford University, 2017)


Kira firmly believes that the best classrooms are those without ceilings. As the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) instructor, she aims to prepare the next generation of natural resource managers, scientists, stewards, outdoor leaders, and advocates to address environmental challenges through geographic problem solving.

Her background in GIS includes extensive coursework at Stanford University where she was awarded the Miller-Marsden Prize for Innovative Research on the Environment (2016) through her project analyzing the diversity of California Wilderness Areas using GIS. Kira also worked as a GIS consultant for the Natural Resource Defense Council in Washington, D.C. where she created over 100 maps and visuals to advocate for western public lands.

Kira’s passion for protecting public lands doesn’t stop in the classroom. In her free time, she can be found rock climbing, skiing, backpacking, or biking through these wonderful lands that belong to all of us.